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Big saloon tipped to get a two-door convertible version

Porsche will launch a convertible version of its new four-door Panamera saloon, according to reports from Germany.

Company sources reportedly claim the convertible version of the Panamera will have just two-doors to try and keep its weight down and to maximise rigidity, but it will retain much of its space in the rear.

The roof is likely to be a soft-top seen on Porsche’s other models, rather than a retractable hard top. It will reportedly cost 11,000 euro (£10,100) more than the saloon.

Porsche has not officially confirmed the Panamera convertible for production although development chief Wolfgang Duerheimer hinted that more Panamera variants were possible.

“We have a broad range of 14 derivatives of the 911 that are very successful,” he told German media. “So it stands to reason we should diversify the line-up for the Panamera as well.”


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tannedbaldhead 10 October 2009

Re: Porsche 'plans Panamera cabrio'

plumiestparts wrote:

On Steely's point about the 928, the 928 was sublime, my Uncle had a S4 in 1986ish and it was just the most wonderful car with bulges and curves in all the right places, he got rid of it for a M635CSI, I believe he rued the day too. He drives a XKR now but never forgot his 928.

I haven't taken to the Panamerica but am taking on board what's being said about the 928. As I remember the 928 was to replace the 911 but the 911 remained in production due to customer resistance to the newer car and customer loyalty to the old master. When the first 928 was introduced I hated it, as did a lot of people. Over the years I warmed to it and now conceed not only was it a bloody good car but a bit of a looker as well. Wonder if I will warm to the Panamera? For the timebeing though, to me....... It's a munter
BriMarsh 9 October 2009

Re: Porsche 'plans Panamera cabrio'

Ugly to start with, then add the narcissism of the drop-top; whatever can Porsche do next to make me dislike this car? Ah, I've got it; put diesel engine it, should sound great with the roof down...

ahaus 9 October 2009

Re: Porsche 'plans Panamera cabrio'

There is some conflicting news, as Porsche/VW plans to discontinue the Cayenne and Panamera after its generation has expired (in about 8 years). This is to focus Porsche's sports car image, while sedans and SUVs will be Audi and VW's job. So I highly doubt this will happen.

I am one of the few who actually like the Panamera (it makes much more sense than the Cayenne, in my own opinion), but I think making a cabrio version makes absolutely no sense at all. The Panamera is a unique model with its own niche, and to make it a two door cabrio will make it too similar to the 911 cabrio and the Boxster. Also with the much longer wheelbase of the Panamera it would make its porportions very odd for a two door cabrio (even more extreme than the current Panamera).

I would rather like to see a full glass roof option, like on the 911 Targa. It would make more sense as it will require much less development and tooling costs.