The Government has done a u-turn on reducing the UK drink-drive limit
6 October 2008

The Government has changed its mind about cutting the UK drink-drive limit, The Times has reported.

It means that Britain will become the only EU country that allows motorists to have more than one alcoholic drink and still drive legally.

Ministers wanted to slash the drink-drive limit from 80mg to 50mg of alcohols per 100ml of blood. It would have meant that after drinking just one pint of lager, many drivers would be at risk of prosecution.

Road safety groups, who claim the current 80mg limit encourages people to take risks by having more than one drink before driving, had supported the reduction.

They cite evidence by University College London that suggests lowering the limit could save 65 lives per year. And Stephen Ladyman, who was then road safety minister, backed the proposals last year.

However his predecessor Jim Fitzpatrick has revealed the plans would be dropped from a consultation paper to be published next month.

'In comparison with other countries which have 50mg rather than 80mg, our safety levels compare very favourably,' Mr Fitzpatrick explained to The Times. 'Drivers who are between 50 and 80mg are not the one we're most worried about. It's the ones above 100.'

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6 October 2008

Granted any improvement in road safety is welcome but I would imagine the issue of drugged drivers is a far larger problem than drunk drivers.

I will also maintain that targeting the younger part of the population is not getting the drink drivers off the road. I know far more older people that feel it is okay to drink four pints and drive.



It's all about the twisties........

6 October 2008

Would this decision have anything to do with all those MP's who like to have a pint (or four) at lunchtime perhaps?

12 October 2008

People also have to remember there are some people on medication which doesn't affect driving, but would show up on the drink testing machines as if they have been drinking. If the limit was lowered any more, there is a risk thousands of motorists will be arrested on a regular basis when they are innocent. Not something i would fancy. Even a certificate wouldn't be possible to show to officers as that would be a licence to drink. The problem isn't with the drink drive limit, but the scum who drink and drive. Let's come down harder on them and not innocent people.

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