Currently reading: Nissan claims lower 'Ring time
GT-R goes faster again, according to reports

Nissan has reportedly lowered the GT-R's lap record around the Nurburgring, setting a 7m 26.7s best.

The Nissan GT-R had previously set a best lap time of 7m 27.56s.

The time is reported to have been set in a standard, European spec GT-R, although this has not been confirmed by Nissan.

Rivals Porsche insist this is not possible, saying a standard GT-R would be capable of no more than a 7m 54s lap.

The Porsche 911 GT3 recently set a lap of 7m 40s at the track.

Testing is currently continuing, and although Nissan has a GT-R Spec V at the track, no lap times have been released for it.

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