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New executive saloon will share a platform with the Dodge Charger and Chrysler 300C

Alfa Romeo will likely manufacture a rear-wheel drive replacement for its defunct 166 executive saloon exclusively in North America, where most will be sold.

The plant, probably Chrysler’s Canadian Brampton 300C site, will also supply Europe with the car.

The new big Alfa, originally codenamed project 169, will share a brand new, Chrysler-developed platform planned for the next-generation 300C and Dodge Charger saloons, although the Alfa version will feature bespoke suspension and powertrains.

The development is a direct result of Fiat’s control of the Chrysler Group, the two companies now integrating their product development, manufacturing, purchasing and distribution processes.

Alfa is to collaborate closely with Dodge in future, this being the most sporting brand in the Chrysler portfolio. Fiat will be announcing its product plans for the Chrysler Group in more detail in mid-November.

The Chrysler/Dodge rear-drive platform could also provide the basis of a new Alfa Spider and Brera - in shortened form it provides the basis of the Challenger - although there is no confirmation of this, and the architecture may prove too large to suit European buyers.

But Alfa is believed to be exploring the return of the Spider, and possibly its mainstream coupe siblings, to a rear-wheel drive format.

Chrysler will in turn be taking three platforms from Fiat known as ‘A” (500, Panda), ‘B’ (Grande Punto) and ‘C’, the last being new and the basis for the 147-replacing Milano which debuts early next year.

The ‘C’ platform will be stretched to provide architecture for the new Giulia, which replaces the 159. In theory, the Giulia and Milano could also be manufactured in the US once Chrysler and Dodge are producing their own models on these platforms.

Richard Bremner

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jonfortwo 28 September 2009

Re: New Alfa 166 to be US-built

david RS wrote:
The come back of the RWD : good news.

Indeed fantastic news, but they need to throw more that 50 pence worth of raw material at each car manufactured or we are going to see a repeat of the hateful Sebring/Avenger and a further rubbishing of the Alfa name.

Lets face it Mercedes oversaw the Sebring/Avenger disaster and they supposedly know about quality, what hope for FIAT?

david RS 28 September 2009

Re: New Alfa 166 to be US-built

"New Alfa 166 to be US-built" or Canada-built : sad days.

The come back of the RWD : good news.

ahaus 28 September 2009

Re: New Alfa 166 to be US-built

Given how stellar the 8C is, I am really hoping that the 166 will be unmistakenably Alfa and not a haphazzard model with a cheap interior made from the Chrysler parts bin.

I don't think having an Alfa built in Hamilton, let alone North America would be a hinderance. Mercedes' SUV models are built in Alabama, U.S.A., which happens to be the armpit of the country, and those models doesn't seem to suffer.

I have been waiting for Alfa Romeo to return to the North American market for a long time now and I hope Alfa makes a good effort in doing so.