Currently reading: Many drivers "race" sat-nav
And Aberystwyth is worst for sat-nav racing

Drivers are routinely breaking speed limits by trying to race their sat-navs, research has found.

40 per cent of the 3000 motorists surveyed admitted driving too fast in order to beat the estimated arrival time.

Those under 25 were most likely to be found breaking the law, with more than a quarter admitting that they regularly challenge their sat-nav.

17 per cent of 17-18 year olds said that they had received penalty points for doing so.

Nigel Doggett, managing director of Autoglass, who carried out the research, said: "Exceeding the speed limit is a serious offence putting the driver and other motorists in extreme danger on our roads."

According to the survey Aberystwyth is the most popular place in the UK for racing the sat-nav, followed by Wolverhampton and London.

Sam Burnett

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