Currently reading: 'Intelligent' speed cameras in UK
New type of speed camera set to be launched on British roads

A new 'intelligent' speed camera will be rolled out on UK roads within the next 18 months.

The cameras don't flash and can cover multiple lanes.

Speeding lorry drivers will also be targeted by the new cameras, due to the device's ability to distinguish between trucks and cars.

On many roads, lorries must adhere to lower speed limits, but convictions are difficult because current Gatso-type cameras do not differentiate between vehicles.

The cameras will initially be trialled in France, where, unlike the UK's familiar yellow cameras, the new devices will be styled to blend with other street furniture.

The Highways Agency has also revealed it is to spend £58 million on new digital cameras to monitor drivers using the hard shoulder on motorways.

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Peter Cavellini 27 October 2009

Re: 'Intelligent' speed cameras in UK

Hail too uncle mellow,he's hit the nail right on the head, yes, cameras will catch more speeders, but what about drunk or drugged up people or uninsured drivers? cameras can't do that, can they?

Hmmmm... 27 October 2009

Re: 'Intelligent' speed cameras in UK

The usual springs to mind...waste of money, just another tax...

Do the government/highways/authorities realise that many cameras are in fact in dangerous positions? I thought they were only there to lower the speed at high risk areas, such as junctions and accident hot-spots? Many around wher i live are too far away from those areas, and back up that they are just a further road tax...

More to the point, most drivers will slow down, pass the camera and then speed up, just in time for the junction!

I would invest time and money in cameras that spot and shame middle lane drivers, those annoying idiots who no matter what time of day or night will sit in the middle lane of the motorway, whether they are over taking vehicles or thin air.

If the government are so concerned about congestion and polution, why not ease the roads and motorways by starting with that?

Also, to continue the rant, why not use cameras to target those who have faulty lights, and at this time of year pose a severe risk to themselves and others? Or those who have no tax and insurance........

kdwilcox 27 October 2009

Re: 'Intelligent' speed cameras in UK

Just another way of making more cash.