Currently reading: Hamilton backs safety scheme
RoadSense scheme will be rolled out nationwide after trials in Surrey

Lewis Hamilton has launched a new road safety scheme aimed at teenagers.

Hamilton launched the RoadSense scheme at Mercedes-Benz Driving Academy. It will offer those aged 14 to 18 hands-on experience behind the wheel to teach them the responsibilities of driving, including pedestrian safety, before taking their tests.

The campaign will be tested on 5000 children in Surrey, before being rolled out nationwide.

“Hopefully, they'll come here and they'll walk away with a little bit more knowledge which will equip them even better for when they take their own driving lessons and tests,” said Hamilton.

Those taking part will receive an hour-long introduction to the programme, before spending 90 minutes behind the wheel. An hour-long discussion group will follow the tuition.

Surrey county council leader Andrew Povey said, "School children are the drivers of the future so it is vital we educate them now about the importance of responsible driving."

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