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US dealership turns half of showroom into a gun emporium

A struggling Hummer dealership in the US has found a new way of attracting customers into its showroom – by selling guns.

Hummer dealers have struggled in the recession and sales of the military-inspired SUV have plummeted across the world. The rise in fuel prices and changing attitudes to big ‘gas guzzlers’ has also hindered sales.

The dealership in St Louis has turned half of its showroom into a gun emporium, offering hand guns, machine guns and assault rifles among others.

Jim Lynch, the dealer behind the scheme, said: “It is a natural fit. Our customers enjoy outdoor sports and the firearms have been a big hit with our Hummer owners.

“We take our mission of providing a pleasant shopping environment for our customers very seriously. We sold our first Hummer online in 1995 and have been a leader in online sales of off-road parts and accessories through our web site for many years.

“We plan to do the same with firearms and accessories on our website.”

Lynch said some of his staff had experience with the firearms and this helped his dealership offer a better service.

“We had a retired police officer who worked in the parts department that had been a gun dealer and had been a competitive shooter,” he said.

Hummer sales have been down more than 60 per cent so far in 2009 and parent company is currently in talks with Chinese company Tengzhong.

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Topkat 25 August 2009

Re: A gun with your Hummer?

The insecure mofos who buy them need guns to feel big ;-)

TegTypeR 25 August 2009

Re: A gun with your Hummer?

When Hummer get taken over are they going to sell Chinese replica's that in all likelihood will back fire and injure the user?

Citytiger 25 August 2009

Re: A gun with your Hummer?

There is nothing new in this, Jeremy Clarkson pointed this out about 2 years ago on Top Gear, and there are also certain bank that will give you a gun when you open an account