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Parents name daughter after the car she was born in

A baby that was born in a Kia Carens on the way to hospital has been named after the people carrier.

Parents Tony Richardson, 24, and Samantha Smyth, 23, were en route to the labour ward when their daughter arrived as they pulled up outside Poole hospital.

As a result, they have abandoned plans to call their baby Tilley, and instead called her Kia.

On hearing the news, Kia contacted the family and gave them a free Kia Carens.

'Our old car has been playing up recently, and I'd said to my mum I wouldn't mind getting a Carens myself," said Samantha. "Now we've got one – and little Kia did it all herself!'

Baby Kia weighed in at 6lbs 7ozs and is reported to be well.

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daddy 3 23 November 2009

Re: Free Kia for baby Kia

Ok where can i hire an Aston Martin in aprox 9 months ?. Id better tell the wife she can start her Maternity leave again in 9 months ( she dont return to work till next month after just having our last little girl Lilly). Hmm ( i mean Ferrari).

theonlydt 23 November 2009

Re: Free Kia for baby Kia

Good publicity for Kia.

Anyone else notice that she's 23 and between her and her partner they have 6 children? I am pretty judgemental on something like that!

Nick Rutter 23 November 2009

Re: Free Kia for baby Kia

It's a good thing my sister didn't do the same thing when she had her second child, otherwise I'd now have a niece called Volkswagen. ;-)