Currently reading: F1 racers 'must behave on roads'
FIA president Jean Todt considers sanctions if competition drivers get driving punishments

Race and rally drivers could be penalised if they lose their road driving licences for traffic offences, under plans being considered by FIA president Jean Todt.

With Todt having highlighted improved road safety as one of the main priorities of his presidency, he has revealed that he thinks it wrong motorsport drivers can carry on without punishment if they commit serious offences on the roads.

In an interview with Le Parisien newspaper, Todt said: "Last year, 1.3 million people died on roads in the world - 90 per cent in developing countries.

"The forecasts for 2020 are terrible, and they estimate that nearly two million people will be killed if no action is taken by then. Now, with a minimum of dialogue, that figure could be halved. This requires education, improved road networks, and the involvement of new technology on cars."

Asked if, on the back of that push, it would make sense for competition drivers to face sanctions if they committed traffic offences, Todt said: "I have actually asked this question.

"There is an incompatibility between the status of a role model champion, and a possible infringement on the road. A driver is a driver like the others. We are therefore trying to see whether to do something, and how."

Todt's comments come in the wake of the high-profile incident involving Lewis Hamilton at the Australian Grand Prix, when he was charged for 'hooning'.

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