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TomTom data used to compile list of Europe's most congested cities

Brussels is Europe's most congested city, according to a new survey by sat-nav manufacturer TomTom.

Using speed data captured by its sat-navs, TomTom says drivers in Brussels face congestion on 37.7 per cent of its roads.

TomTom defines congestion as when drivers have to travel at 70 per cent or less of the speed limit, and only analysed date from cities with a population of 500,000 or more.

London was fourth in the poll, with congestion on 34.7 per cent of routes.

Edinburgh was fifth on 34.5 per cent.

Top ten most congested European cities

1 Brussels 2 Warsaw 3 Wroclaw 4 London 5 Edinburgh 6 Dublin 7 Belfast 8 Marseille 9 Paris 10= Luxembourg 10= Milan

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Robert Enyedi 28 April 2010

Re: Europe's most congested city

Sampling is the basis of statistics, sure, but you need to have a representative sample! This briefly means that the sample should have about the same structure as the whole collective (the closest, the more accurate the conclusion).

I can image a wild range of reasons why TomTom couldn't have had a representative sample, but let's just focus on a single one: cars whose drivers can't afford or do not want/need a GPS are not in the sample. In cities like Bucharest that's around 80-90%.

sierra 27 April 2010

Re: Europe's most congested city

My vote for least ongested - Madrid. Regularly pass through, and my sat-nav ETA improves whilst travelling from one side of the city to the other.

braisim 27 April 2010

Re: Europe's most congested city

I find these tomtom findings hard to believe. I live in Brussels and there is no way I would describe it as the most congested city in Europe. OK, there are always jams for commuters coming into the city from outside (and leaving in the evening) but it is still possible to drive around the city at most times during the week without too much congestion. I work about 4km from the city centre and I know that at lunchtime it is possible for me to drive into the city centre from work, find space in a car park quite easily and drive back with very little risk of being caught up in a traffic jam. I don't think there are many capital cities in which this could be done.