Currently reading: Car key crime "soaring in London"
Rise in burglaries blamed on car key thefts

The number of burglaries to steal car keys are soaring in London, police have warned. Some boroughs in London have seen break-ins increase by 70 per cent in recent months.

Much of the increase is being blamed on a rising trend for car key thefts as a way for criminals to get around complex security systems.

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SUVs are particularly popular with thieves who usually steal to order. While the number of cars stolen continues to drop, thefts of premium cars has remained steady.

Figures show an overall 10 per cent rise in burglary in London in April and May but the number linked to car thefts have rocketed by 60 per cent.

There were 751 car key burglaries in the three months from 1 April compared with 481 in the same period last year.

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