Brawn driver tipped to make the switch to Mclaren next year alongside Lewis Hamilton
23 October 2009

Newly-crowned Formula One World champion Jenson Button has been linked with a move to McLaren to complete an all-British line-up alongside Lewis Hamilton.

McLaren are looking for a replacement for Finn Heikki Koveleinan but have so far failed to secure the services of their first choice, former world champion Kimi Raikkonen, leaving the possibility of Button making a switch for 2010.

Jenson Button - a career in pics

Despite securing the 2009 World Championship in Brazil last weekend Button is yet to be offered a new contract by his current team Brawn GP.

It is understood that Brawn are loath to better Button’s current £6 million contract which was lowered from £10 million earlier in the season to ensure the then struggling team’s survival. McLaren, who currently pay Hamilton £15 million, could easily offer Button an improved financial package.

Martin Whitmarsh, McLaren’s Team Principle, refused to comment on the possibility of Button joining his team’s ranks. He said: “We've talked to a number of drivers.

"It wouldn't be appropriate to say more than that. We'll hire the two best drivers available as we always have."

Speaking in a press conference shortly after clinching the world title at Interlagos, Button assured the assembled media that he would not make the move from Brawn GP for financial reasons. He said: "It's not about the money. I want to be with a team that can win.”

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23 October 2009

Seems to me that he'll stay at brawn, why go to the opposition if 1, KERS isn't an issue next year. 2, he is undisputed top dog at Brawn and it doesnt matter what you say, he'll only ever be nº 2 at Mac. 3, if the car is a dog next year (which I somehow doubt) he will have a shiny works Mercedes in 2011.

23 October 2009

[quote mybrainaches]Seems to me that he'll stay at brawn, why go to the opposition[/quote]

In a word , money. He has the glory , now he wants a bigger pension fund.

24 October 2009

[quote Uncle Mellow]In a word , money. He has the glory , now he wants a bigger pension fund.[/quote]

I think Jenson has shown with his years at Honda he hates nothing more than losing. For someone who has now tasted victory after years of failure I think he might well go to the team that wins, it's in his blood, I think it's in almost all F1 drivers blood however, many are now products of the system which means they'll do what fits company policy for "the easy life".

24 October 2009

You could be right, MacLaren have a track record of bouncing back with a really strong car.

And they pay more.

The problem is, he'd have to beat lewis in the same car...

I expect Merc want to keep him and they also want Nico Rosberg...

How about

McLaren: Lewis and Jenson?

Brawn: Rubens and Nico?

24 October 2009

In a few words,firstly, it's not money, if you were wanting to prove to yourself and your doubters, what would you do?, secondly, somebody somewhere thinks that Ferrari is going to be next years major opposition and obviously they think Brawn won't be, personally i think it's a bad idea because it would be bad for the sport because it looks manufactured and sounds like it too, maybe the new regs will suit Ferrari, we shall just have to wait and see.

Peter Cavellini.

24 October 2009

McLaren have already bounced back , but Ferrari haven't , so I expect the Prancing Horse to be the team to beat next season.

26 October 2009

It's never going to happen, Jensen's not that stupid. There is no way he will want to play second fiddle to Hamilton, money or not.



It's all about the twisties........

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