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San Francisco alters new building code to promote electric car use

San Francisco is positioning itself as a world leader for electric cars by altering its building code so that new structures all have wiring for electric car chargers.

The move is designed to co-incide with the on-sale date of the Nissan Leaf, and is part of a raft of changes designed to promote electric car use.

As well as the changes to the building code, the city is launching a loan scheme to provide money to residents to install electric chargers, and installing a row of charging stations outside City Hall.

The city's mayor, Gavin Newsom, who drives an electric car, said: "If you want to put an electric charging station in your home in anticipation of all these electric vehicles, you can do it through this green financing program."

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Uncle Mellow 19 February 2010

Re: Buildings 'made for electric cars'

If they had only left the trolley-bus wires up in London people could connect up to them and charge-up while driving (as long as you were driving on a bus route)

RobotBoogie 19 February 2010

Re: Buildings 'made for electric cars'

I was once talking to a cabbie in San Francisco, who said that the steep hills meant he got through a set of brake pads every 5,000 miles or so. Maybe there is a huge potential for regenerative braking technology there : )

rosstopher 19 February 2010

Re: Buildings 'made for electric cars'

chel wrote:
I see that electric cars are now fast becoming the trend of future cars. I do hope that this technology will soon be available here in Asia. I know that with this technology our planet could be spared from too much air pollution that's destroying the quality of the air we breathe.

Because electricity generation doesn't create and pollution?