New Motoring Panel targets feedback on editorial - and the cars themselves
12 November 2010

Autocar wants your opinion on all things motoring - and we're setting up a new opinion-gathering panel to help you get your views across.

The Motoring Panel is designed to give you your say on a wide range of motoring issues - everything from the content of Autocar's magazines and website to feedback that will go directly to the car manufacturers themselves.

We're taking sign-ups now from volunteers willing to be contacted throughout the year. So if you've got opinions and want them to be heard, please visit this page to register.

Thanks. We look forward to hearing from you...

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13 November 2010

Don't bother, they're just collecting personal information so they can sell you stuff like finance deals.

14 November 2010

Despite the advice above I gave it a try . I binned it when I heard myself saying they dont need to know all this about me . Oh and if you live abroad you are excluded anyway . Sort of gets more iffy as you go through it .

14 November 2010

Iffy - good word. Definitely fits. Far more polite that anything I want to use. Sort of feels like a complete undermining of reader's trust, like the database is being sold to generate funds to pay for the Christmas party. Just because I live outside the UK doesn't mean I don't follow the press, talk to people, have issues, I can just perhaps take a slightly more impartial view. But commercial pressures........

14 November 2010

See below last paragraph (from the privacy page) means that info will be passed to countries with no laws around selling on your details

If genuine feedback is required Autocar should not pass on your details to anyone - sending me marketing that is 'relevant' has nothing to do with my opinion - the only reason they would send me this is for financial gain for themselves.

5. Will Haymarket share my information with anyone else?

Haymarket may disclose your personal data where it believes it is compelled to do so by law; in particular for the prevention or detection of crime, the capture or prosecution of offenders; and the assessment or collection of tax or duty.

Occasionally, we may share your contact information with carefully selected third party companies whose products and services we feel may be of interest to you. We strive to keep these offers relevant to your interests and will only share this information where the requisite consent has been given.

We use a number of third party organisations to help provide a professional service to our customers (i.e. fulfilment bureaus, call centres, and website designers). These organizations act as data processors and are strictly controlled in how they may/may not use your personal data. We remain responsible for the protection of your data.

Please note that some of our partners may be located outside the European Economic Area (EEA). Countries outside the EEA may not be required to protect personal information as stringently as countries inside.

14 November 2010

Not being paranoid, I joined.

14 November 2010

Oh wow....good thing someone mention this is ploy to get personal info n sell.

Those car makers know what crap they sell already...prestige or non prestige marques.So doubt if gripes of unlucky owners who bought them would be given any attention, means more profits for spare parts to repair the crap car.

Well conned only once, hopefully.

14 November 2010

blowerbentley, you can still say no, you know, no, no no,see, it's that easy!.

14 November 2010

Certainly looks like thinly disguised marketing "opportunities" and rather insulting to the intelligence.

Never mind, my bear signed up, so he'll report back to me...

14 November 2010

I didn't get beyond the first page as my car wasn't listed. Guess my demographic doesn't fit!

15 November 2010

Autocar wants my opinion, and we all know what they say about opinions - that they are like arseholes we've all got one. They are not having mine


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