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New Motoring Panel targets feedback on editorial - and the cars themselves

Autocar wants your opinion on all things motoring - and we're setting up a new opinion-gathering panel to help you get your views across.

The Motoring Panel is designed to give you your say on a wide range of motoring issues - everything from the content of Autocar's magazines and website to feedback that will go directly to the car manufacturers themselves.

We're taking sign-ups now from volunteers willing to be contacted throughout the year. So if you've got opinions and want them to be heard, please visit this page to register.

Thanks. We look forward to hearing from you...

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The Colonel 15 November 2010

Re: Autocar wants your views

So, I decided to waste a bit of my time, pretended to live in Scotland, and 89 years of age (apparently if I was as true as possible - area where I used to live, correct age - I was not required).

So, can someone at Autocar please confirm whether or not this is someone's year one BSc Statistics coursework? Because I can't believe it was a survey created by a serious publisher.

For example, you have one part with two responses where you use sliders to agree from 0% to to 100%, but the two responses together must add up to 100% OK, but between the two I sincerely could only get to 25%. One being 0% the other 25%.

You then ask what my next car purchase will be, in as much detail as possible, which I did. Then, having told you, specifically, what my next car will be you then ask what car you'd like to see on your drive, one of which is the car (manufacturer, at least) I earlier told you about. Since the pictures could be labelled Prestige/Supercar/Exotic, one can only come to the conclusion that you (or the 19 year old that put the survey together) have a very patronising view of your readership, thinking they only hanker after such cars and otherwise make do with mundane shopping trolleys.

Then you have employment options that exclude a great many people.

I gave up with the personal info...though suggesting Password1 is a valid password example is the work of a real genius.

As time wasting goes, it was top notch entertainment. Thanks!

The Colonel 15 November 2010

Re: Autocar wants your views

Old Toad, the bit about being abroad is the most annoying. Not that they are not interested in you if you live abroad, but in asking where you live, they give you an outside of the UK option, then only when you click next you are informed that you cannot participate.

What grade A moron created that? Just don't give the option of selecting "outside" and give a brief one liner saying so. Just don't waste my time. That's for me to do.

thebaldgit 15 November 2010

Re: Autocar wants your views

Autocar wants my opinion, and we all know what they say about opinions - that they are like arseholes we've all got one. They are not having mine