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Autocar's Agony Uncle returns to guide you round the Geneva motor show
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23 February 2010

Autocar's resident Agony Uncle Colin Goodwin is returning for a Geneva motor show special.

Colin will be at the Geneva motor show all day Tuesday, 2 March and, armed with a notepad, pen, camera and good pair of walking boots, he'll be making himself available to answer your questions.

He'll be sending his answers back throughout the day, where they'll be posted on

So whether you want to know what the boot space is like in the Audi A1, which concept car has caught Colin's eye or even ask Colin to get a shot of himself with the good-looking promo girl on the Fiat stand you've seen in a photo, then ask away by posting in our forum now.

As ever, you can ask what you like, but due to the anticipated volume of demand we can't promise he'll manage to answer everything.

That said, we want to keep him busy – otherwise he'll only get himself into some sort of mischief...

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23 February 2010

Hi Colin,

Which premium / niche manufacturer’s stand has the snootiest staff and which has the friendliest? I was there two years ago and Rolls Royce was the worst and Morgan the best. Has it changed?

23 February 2010

You should have had Colin with you. When Colin took me to Geneva as Autocar "reader representative" in 2003 we were treated very well by Rolls Royce, but couldn't get near the Maybach.

With Colin's assistance I also got to sit in a Pagani Zonda.

23 February 2010

Good to have you back,Colin.

23 February 2010

At any motor show the difference between press day and public day is quite marked. The mix on a press day is Journos, TV and specially invited customers/celebs. Manufacturers PR people are working overtime to impress and publicise their new product. On public days it's up to manufacturers sales people to decide who is a 'prospect' and who is there just for a 'day out'. For the car enthusiast and browsers it can be a case of queueing at barriers and being patient. Potential buyers will often have been invited by companies so by waving their invites get straight on to stands. As ever, it can be 'who you know' that makes the difference. Geneva in neutral and wealthy Switzerland is recognised for being the best European motor show. It provides the car enthusiast with a unique opportunity to see new models months before they come to the UK plus there is the opportunity to see many obscure makes which don't come here. Last year Geneva Motor Show public admission cost around twelve euros. An absolute bargain compared to two or three times that figure for most UK shows.

23 February 2010

Col, Monkey here mate. Presuming you'll be free for our usual lash-up Monday night at Cafe de Paris? There's a few cheeky sofas at the back of the Merc stand where we can sleep it off Tuesday am.

23 February 2010

Great to have you back Colin, you disappeared, for a while with no explanation from Autocar that I could find. I thought the editor had you swimming with the fishes! Either that or a 911 repair bill meant you had to get a more boring job to pay it off! Hope everything is ok though.

Will certainly look forward to your reviews of the Geneva show.

23 February 2010

Hi Col, Can you have a poke around the A1, is there anything at all to redeem it from being seen as a cynical marketing ploy or is it just a polo in a dress?

23 February 2010

Hi Colin, nice to be able to ask your opinions again,firstly, is the new A1 going to be worth it's asking price?, and what do you think is the best concept car there that might make production largely un-altered?

23 February 2010

Blimey two blasts from the past not only is Colin returning but Chris Harris is posting on here. Both missed by me and one reason the mag has gone down hill.

23 February 2010

Couldn't agree more about Colin and Chris. Colin is the second page I turn to after Sutters and his loss is keenly felt - do something about it please Mr Editor, or sadly your subscription membership will drop by 1 - although I'll probably still crack and by it at Tesco.

I have 30 of the Chris on Cameras on my car's ipod - no moving images but the soundtrack of the Veyron up the A5 near Freiburg is a hell of a way to commute to work - in my diesel 1-series.

Keep up the good work to both of you.

Regards, Nick Metaxas


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