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Autocar's Agony Uncle returns to guide you round the Geneva motor show

Autocar's resident Agony Uncle Colin Goodwin is returning for a Geneva motor show special.

Colin will be at the Geneva motor show all day Tuesday, 2 March and, armed with a notepad, pen, camera and good pair of walking boots, he'll be making himself available to answer your questions.

He'll be sending his answers back throughout the day, where they'll be posted on

So whether you want to know what the boot space is like in the Audi A1, which concept car has caught Colin's eye or even ask Colin to get a shot of himself with the good-looking promo girl on the Fiat stand you've seen in a photo, then ask away by posting in our forum now.

As ever, you can ask what you like, but due to the anticipated volume of demand we can't promise he'll manage to answer everything.

That said, we want to keep him busy – otherwise he'll only get himself into some sort of mischief...

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inthebin 28 February 2010

Re: Ask Goodwin - Geneva special

John McToon wrote:
Colin - my wife is hassling me for a fourth child. Should we?
You will need a big car.......I'm guessing you have no choice.

audilyy 27 February 2010

Re: Ask Goodwin - Geneva special

are you the mysterious colin may keeps referring too ? hope all is well..

Lifer 26 February 2010

Re: Ask Goodwin - Geneva special

Colin would you take a look at the doors on the Meriva and let us know what you think?