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Mayor unveils plans to turn capital electric

London is to get 25,000 electric car-charging spaces by 2015, as part of ambitious plans by mayor Boris Johnson.

As part of a new initiative Johnson wants to see 100,000 electric vehicles on the capital’s streets “as soon as possible”. These would be supported by charging stations in workplaces, retail outlets, streets, and public car parks.

At least 1000 Greater London Authority vehicles will also be electric within the next six years.

“It is time for the government to put its money where its mouth is and back my plan to make electric vehicles the first choice for Londoners,” said Johnson.

Johnson has also promised that the 100 per cent exemption from the congestion charge for electric vehicles will remain in place, saving electric car users who enter the zone every day approximately £1700 a year.

The Mayor would also insist that 20 per cent of all new parking spaces be fitted with charge points.

The estimated cost of the 25,000 charging points is £60 million. The mayor has pledged to fund a third of this, calling on the government for the rest of the money.

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