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National Oil Check Week is underway
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18 June 2010

Fifteen million cars in the UK are low on oil, according to a new survey.

The figure was released as part of National Oil Check Week (June 15-22), and organisers are urging motorists to check oil levels in order to avoid risking expensive repair bills.

The survey checked the oil level of 250 cars in three locations around the country, and revealed that 49 per cent were either low or dangerously low on oil.

In addition, the research showed that half of all motorists fail to check their car's oil at the recommended once-monthly intervals.

It also discovered that 28 per cent never check the level at all. With more than 31 millions cars on the UK’s roads, that means around 15 million are low on oil.

The average bill for repairing an engine damaged by a lack of oil is more than £1400, according to Warranty Direct.


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18 June 2010

That's pretty appalling research - only 250 vehicles are checked in 3 locations and from that they extrapolate out to 30m cars. A decent point to make is ruined by the fact they can not make comments like "15m cars low on oil" - I'd like to see their confidence level on that...

18 June 2010

I hope the researchers offerred a top-up to those whose cars were low.

18 June 2010

Also nowadays cars are so we're lead to believe reliable and some cars have no dip-sticks and rely on electronic measurement so they may only check there oil levels when the engine management says so, so yes, i'm not surprised in the least.

18 June 2010

Worryingly, I bet twice that number have incorrect tyre pressures.

18 June 2010

My oil level's over the max line but the manual doesn't tell you how to extract oil...

18 June 2010

[quote RicardoJ]My oil level's over the max line but the manual doesn't tell you how to extract oil...[/quote] Filter off, let all the oil drain out - reinsert correct amount. Way it works with 95% of cars. Recommend getting a spare gasket/seal for the oil filter, always best to fit a new one when you take the filter off.

18 June 2010

Ta for the advice

18 June 2010

much easier to buy a dedicated vacuum pump from ebay, no mess and tools etc.

you just put supplied pipe down dipstick hole, and it gets sucked out from sump until you decide you have taken enough out. then check level and top up if needed.

i also dont believe there are many cars running on low oil. not ones that get serviced anyway.

i bet nearly 90% of cars have the wrong tyre pressures.

19 June 2010

I used to drive a fiat coupe 20v turbo and it would go through a litre bottle every other month. And no it wasn't blowing blue smoke.

It would help if the oil light was triggered before the damage was done, no point having a warning after the event.

19 June 2010

Totally agree - the warning light should go before the oil level becomes critical.

My brother's Hyundai gets through a fair bit of oil but checking with the dipstick does not give a particularly clear indication of the current oil level.

Like many basic tasks (changing bulbs) manufacturers seem to want to make this as awkward as possible these days when it should be made as simple and easy as possible. Making it clear exactly what grade of oil the car should be filled with is also important but a mate was forced to call the dealer as nowhere in the manual or on the vehicle did it say what oil should be used in his Boxster.

I'm sure many people don't even know how to check their oil.


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