Currently reading: 15 million UK cars low on oil
National Oil Check Week is underway

Fifteen million cars in the UK are low on oil, according to a new survey.

The figure was released as part of National Oil Check Week (June 15-22), and organisers are urging motorists to check oil levels in order to avoid risking expensive repair bills.

The survey checked the oil level of 250 cars in three locations around the country, and revealed that 49 per cent were either low or dangerously low on oil.

In addition, the research showed that half of all motorists fail to check their car's oil at the recommended once-monthly intervals.

It also discovered that 28 per cent never check the level at all. With more than 31 millions cars on the UK’s roads, that means around 15 million are low on oil.

The average bill for repairing an engine damaged by a lack of oil is more than £1400, according to Warranty Direct.

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sportwagon 11 January 2011

Re: 15 million UK cars low on oil

I wish I'd known about this National Oil Check Week before; then I wouldn't have been wasting my time checking the oil level every week ;)

marktobin 11 January 2011

Re: 15 million UK cars low on oil

on such a small survey they can't really estimate 15m cars are low on oil!

But reading though some of the replies i know i certainly wouldn't want to be relying on anything electronic to tell me when my oil is low! Guys & gals its very easy, check your oil once a month, or every 1000 miles, & if it needs to be topped up there is generally 1 liter between min & max. Of course maybe just consult the manual!? Mind you i know someone who literally just kept on topping up the oil as they couldn't read the dipstick properly - we all know how that ended!

Casanova 11 January 2011

Re: 15 million UK cars low on oil

After an engine rebuild once, I carefully filled my old 205 with just over 4 litres of oil as I knew it took. Unfortunately I forgot and did the same again, which resulted in one spluttery and rough-sounding car, and one embarrassed owner as the copious oil was drained and the car refilled.