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First pictures of the production-ready Mercedes C-class leaked on the web
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29 October 2013

The new Mercedes C-class has been shown in its final production form for the first time, following a series of leaked photographs on the internet.

These images first appeared on a Spanish blog site, and appear to show the production-ready C-class months ahead of its public debut at the Detroit motor show next January.

The new model aims to take the fight to its premium rivals by adopting a new rear-wheel-drive platform that will be shared in part with the new E-class and S-class.

Developed under the internal codename of W205, the next-geneartion C-class will also see the addition of a liftback model, conceived to take on the Audi A5 Sportback and BMW 3-series GT.

Based on the MRA architecture, the new C-class will also stretch by as much as 90mm over the older model to distance the car from the CLA in Mercedes' range.

A new lineup of four, six and eight-cylinder engines will be offered alongside various hybrid options. To read the full scoop on the C-class's specifications, click here.

Mercedes also recently revealed the results of its crash tests for the new C-class.

Click here for more Detroit motor show news.

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29 October 2013

Hopefully this is the last car to feature Mercedes' current design theme because I've not taken to it at all. It's far too fussy, try-hard and awkward-looking in places. And what's with the tablet stuck on the dash like an afterthought?

29 October 2013

Looks very 'styled' with that crease beginning at the base of the grille, that morphs into the DRLs in the headlights, before returning to a crease that runs across the front wing and both doors. I'd need to see it in the metal before making a judgement, but it's certainly striking. I couldn't imagine Mercedes Benz being that bold with their styling even ten years ago, nevermind when the first C-class was built way back in the nineties.

29 October 2013

Mercedes went from being a car for the elderly to being a car for douche bags in one generation.

BMW had it right with Chris Bangle but it has just taken 10 years to see that. Bring back Bangle, the new generation of BMWs are very plain, with 2 exceptions. The Z4 is stunning and the 1 Series is minging.

29 October 2013

The sport version looks like a smaller 'new' S-Class with an E-Class' nose grafted on.

Like the S-Class, however, I think Mercedes' current styling theme has translated well to its conventional saloons (unlike the previous generation of models that began with the previous S-Class and finished with the current E-Class) while they also look far better than their other current generation models such as the ML, CLA, SL and SLK which feature the same styling theme.

29 October 2013

I'll reserve judgement till I see one but I'm not liking what appears to a droopy Rover 75 style rear end. Based on these leaked shots the estate will be a better bet.

29 October 2013
bomb wrote:

I'll reserve judgement till I see one but I'm not liking what appears to a droopy Rover 75 style rear end. Based on these leaked shots the estate will be a better bet.

Or the fastback. I'll hold off until I se one in the flesh. The interior is growing on me but it has lost its restrained opulence.

29 October 2013

Who would have thought it? Lexus is now the design leader in this segment. The new IS certainly makes the 3 series, the A4 and now the new c-class look boring or ordinary.

29 October 2013

A lack of fineness?
And the TV screen at the center of the Dashboard?! Is-it Mercedes?

30 October 2013

I dont see the fussyness..yes it has two big lines arcoss the side..aprt from that what fussy.. it quiet a clean design. with some character..i like

I think it far better than the 3 series saloon and has more character than the Audi which all look the same ( I am a A4 driver and am so bored with my car- it has great quaility and premium feel interior wise but just no character on the outisde and honestly I dont feel like I am driving a prestige car, just something that is one step up from a Passat)

Only thing I miss on Merc's these days is the 3 pointed star standing proud on the bonnet rather than the big star on the centre of the grill. I know it gives a more sporty look that merc is after and that is fine for the sport/AMG models.. but I remember as a kid looking through the window at the star standing proud on his E230 TE..i guess like the lady on the Rolls Royce it shouted heritage and prestige, a nice feel good factor.

30 October 2013
Bobstardeluxe wrote:

I am a A4 driver and am so bored with my car-

New one coming next year.


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