Currently reading: Two millionth Land Rover Defender celebrated with bespoke model
Special one-off Land Rover Defender, the two millionth to be made, will make its debut at the Goodwood Festival of Speed
Darren Moss
2 mins read
22 June 2015

The two millionth Land Rover Defender has been built at Jaguar Land Rover’s Solihull plant, and will be sold at auction in December.

The bespoke Defender celebrates 67 years of Land Rover production, and features special elements including a map of Red Wharf Bay - where the design for the first Land Rover was drawn in the sand - engraved into its front fender, a ‘no. 2,000,000’ badge at the rear and inside, leather seats with special graphics and badging, and an aluminium plaque signed by everyone who helped to build the car.

At the rear, the car’s number plate - S90 HUE - is a homage to the first pre-production Land Rover’s HUE 166 designation.

Celebrating the car’s build, Land Rover invited guests and celebrities to help put the Defender together at its Solihull plant. Those who helped to build the car include adventurer Bear Grylls, JLR boss Dr Ralf Speth, the sons of Land Rover founders Maurice and Spencer Wilks, and Autocar’s editor-in-chief Steve Cropley.

The unique Defender will make its public debut at the Goodwood Festival of Speed next week, and will be auctioned at the end of the year by Bonhams. All proceeds from the sale will go to charity.

The creation of the special Defender comes months after Land Rover announced a series of special editions, designed to celebrate the car’s final year in production.

A replacement for the current Defender is scheduled to come to market in 2018, and is expected to be preceded by a concept car next year.

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michael knight 22 June 2015

Don't believe your own hype...

"The creation of the special Defender comes months after Land Rover announced a series of special editions, designed to celebrate the car’s final year in production."
If any car can pull this off, the Defeneder can.. but even so, this is quite self-congratulatory. All that additional marketing work to sell more 'premium-priced' final editions could have been used to modify the driving position so that someone over 5'3 can drive the bloody thing.
typos1 22 June 2015

Good point, they also could

Good point, they also could have modified it so people with right arms could drive them too.
fadyady 22 June 2015

Land mark

This Land Rover sits right up with there with the best off-road vehicles. I've seen Defenders in places where cars have no business to go. How will they replace this rugged marvel while complying with all the mad-cap emissions regulations?
Beastie_Boy 22 June 2015

Surely they can tweak the defender enough...

to ensure it's fit for the modern world. They could then build them in small numbers along side the new model. Seems to work for Mercedes with their G-Wagen.

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