The 545bhp Juke-R is making its public debut at the Goodwood Festival of Speed

The 545bhp Nissan Juke-R will be entering “very limited run” production, the company has confirmed. Nissan has taken the decision following positive reception to the previously one-off concept in a viral internet marketing campaign. Its making a public appearance in production form for the first time at the Goodwood Festival of Speed.

So far, Nissan has received three orders for Juke-Rs, two alone from a “high-profile and well-respected member of Dubai society”.

It was in Dubai where the Juke-R concept was first shown in January, and where a series of videos of the Juke-R outsprinting a Lamborghini Gallardo, Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG and Ferrari 458 Italia on closed roads were filmed.

It is the Juke-R’s performance in these videos that has piqued interest in the car, particularly in the Arab state. The Juke’s marketing manager, Gareth Dunsmore, said “people were making offers for the original on the street”.

“With such a strong reaction, and with three genuine offers on the table, we decided we had to make the concept a reality,” he added.

The Juke-R concept used running gear from a 2010-spec Nissan GT-R. For production, it has been upgraded to use the latest all-wheel drive 2012 GT-R running gear. Power comes from a twin-turbocharged 3.8-litre V6 with a mighty 545bhp. The Juke-R is good for a 160mph top speed, and should be able to shave a tenth or two off the 478bhp Juke-R concept’s 0-62mph time.

Nissan is to build the cars upon request and orders can only be placed in the next four weeks. No price has been confirmed by Nissan, but it’s likely to be a substantial six-figure sum.

British engineering firm Ray Mallock Limited (RML) undertook the design and build of the original concept, with support from Nissan’s Cranfield technical centre and its Paddington design studio, and will be involved in the production version.

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Nissan Juke

With its exaggerated styling, the Nissan Juke takes the notion of a crossover in a new direction

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3 May 2012

Love it or loathe it (and I love it), just celebrate the Bonkers-ness of it Cute has just got claws;)

Take no notice... I'm only here for the biscuits

3 May 2012

go on then, I will have two, one in black and one in while

good on NIssan

3 May 2012

The very richest people are always stuck with what to do with their pocket change. I guess if i were in there position i might do something simelar

3 May 2012

This actually made me laugh in the middle of the office, good on you Nissan for having the balls to actually build some for customers!

my respect for Nissan as a company has just gone up!


3 May 2012

[quote Vidge 123]

...good on you Nissan for having the balls to actually build some for customers!

my respect for Nissan as a company has just gone up!


My thoughts exactly. It's nice to see a major (and dare I say it, dull) manufacturer do something as leftfield as this. And this is the only Juke I find acceptable.

3 May 2012

Love it!

Nice one Nissan!

I didn't think it'd make production....but the demand seems to be there, great stuff.

3 May 2012


Like Crixter, I didn't think it would make production. I wish more manufacturers would do things like this!

I wonder how they are going to build them. Clearly the job has gone to RML but are they now going to be supplied the component parts or are they going to continue to butcher complete GT-R's?



It's all about the twisties........

3 May 2012

If I were a multi millionaire I'd be very very tempted. Love the idea of it and glad Nissan had the guts to do it

3 May 2012


This made me grin from ear to ear and reminds me of cars like the NSX Type-R GT. I suspect driving it would make one's face hurt.

Thank you Nissan

3 May 2012

what an amazing bit of good for PR for nissan, espcially when no one (I assume..) on here can afford a Duke-R


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