Land Rover launches Stealth Pack option for Range Rover Sport, which will go on sale following its Festival of Speed debut

A new version of the Range Rover Sport will make its debut at the Goodwood Festival of Speed later this month.

The model comes equipped with a new Stealth Pack, which will be available on HSE Dynamic and Autobiography Dynamic versions from next month.

Range Rover Sport models equipped with the Stealth Pack feature new exterior trim including a black front grille and surround, new bonnet vents and a choice of bespoke 21 or 22-inch alloy wheels.

First deliveries of the new models are expected towards the end of the year. The package costs £1700 when equipped with 21-inch wheels, rising to £2500 with 22-inch wheels.

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Range Rover Sport

The Range Rover Sport offers just the right dynamic twist on the well trodden SUV formula

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16 June 2014
No mention of the invisibility from radar traps by adopting the 'stealth pack'......
I'd rather leave it standard.

16 June 2014
Stealth pack on one of the biggest and in your face cars on the road today. Classic. No doubt the footballers will be fitting it alongside the pink seats and chrome 24 inch wheels.


16 June 2014
...what the hell is 'Stealth' about a few bits of trim being painted matt black.....pleeease this makes my eyes bleed.
Utter rubbish, I wish the product guys would give this rubbish up.


16 June 2014
Why oh why do Land Rover insist on chavving up their cars? If only they put the same effort into sorting out the quality of the components that go into the car, building them properly or updating the TFT screen and infotainment screen. Have they seen the TFT dials on the new Audi TT or the Mercedes S Class?

16 June 2014
Does each owner also get "Hey, look at Me!" Sandwich boards?

16 June 2014
Stealth pack .....your kidding. This is absolutely pointless.

If it was a Matt black paint job or wrap it would make more sense but this is promotional madness!!

Shame on you RR !

16 June 2014
Curiously on the RR Evoque, I believe they call this the 'Black Pack' seems more honest!

16 June 2014
One of my friends (not a Footballer) who runs a fleet of SUVs including a Supercharged RR Sport has been foolish enough to (repeatedly) fit 40 Aspect tyres.

He has got through 4 sets in the space of 14 months - all down to punctures.

The Lesson - If you buy a 4x4 - then fit 65 Aspect tyres or Buy a different type of vehicle.

17 June 2014
It's a wealth pack. The stealth pack that says hey look at me.

17 June 2014
Seriously why is RR trying to become AMG or M division .. It not necessary.. They ate devaluing the heritage of the land rover / range rover brand..

Would love it if they produced a more hard core off road pack rather than other way round... Then that would really differentiate them from everyone else and there road bias luxury SUV with some off road ability.. It doesn't need to compromise want factor. Unfortunately you can't blame RR though.. Lowered, body kitted SUV is what driving the cash into Buisness right now .. Cash is king I guess!

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