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'Smart house' integrates domestic and EV power management

Mitsubishi has given details of its MiEV house concept that integrates home power needs with electric vehicles at today's Geneva motor show.

Last shown at 2011's Tokyo show in the guise of the MiEV Café prototype that demonstrated how appliances can be powered from vehicle sources, the 'smart house' project is the result of co-operation between Mitsubishi Motors, Mistubishi Corporation and Mistubishi Electric. Power directly from EVs, plug-in hybrids and recycled EV batteries can be used to supplement an electric smart grid.

The system can help shift overall power usage patterns away from peak daytime periods by using charge from vehicle sources, which are replenished during times of lower consumption. Another module monitors the vehicle's residual charge and and sends energy as required to suit the owner's schedule, while ensuring there is always enough charge to drive.

Further work has been done to study how EVs can be used to provide bulk power in an emergency, or to change energy use patterns to reduce consumption and emissions across larger regions or even countries.

The company is also investigation the potential of wireless charging points that could be deployed at home, or even when stationary at traffic lights, for rapid and convenient charging.

Richard Webber

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