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Hardcore supercar sets the record for the fastest production-derived sports car at the 'Ring

Ferrari’s incredible 599XX track car has set tongues wagging in the supercar world after recording a remarkable sub-seven minute laptime around Germany’s 13-mile Nurburgring Nordschleife circuit.

The £1.2million, 722bhp Ferrari clocked a 6min 58sec lap of the track, in the hands of one of Ferrari’s factory test drivers Raffaele de Simone.

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Although the 599XX is not road-legal, Ferrari is hailing the performance as the fastest recorded lap of any production-derived sports car in the world.

Only the Radical SR8 has gone faster, recording a 6min 48sec in 2009 – and that, Ferrari claims, is a car based on a spaceframe racing car.

Active aerodynamics and the very latest electronic traction control systems are the 599XX’s secret weapons. Travelling at 186mph it can produce up to 630kg of downforce.

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uk_supercar_fan 23 April 2010

Re: Ferrari 599XX's 'Ring record

beachland2 wrote:
The T1 has been out for ages, its obviously not quick on the Ring.

The T1 has never actually "been out" AFAIK. There may well be a few prototypes knocking around (and breaking down), but I don't believe any have ever been delivered to customers, if they've ever sorted out reliability. Not a proper car, really....

As for a 599xx, as above, big deal. It's essentially a race car.

Yendig 23 April 2010

Re: Ferrari 599XX's 'Ring record

How long 'til the Caparo T1 blitzes everything that has gone before? I read somewhere that they're hopeful of taking the outright record from Stefan Bellof's 956....

jackjflash 23 April 2010

Re: Ferrari 599XX's 'Ring record

So a full fledged race car costing 1,000,000 + of which only 20 examples will produced sets a fast lap time; imagine that. Looks like the standard version comes in 38th overall with a 7:47 lap time. Send a couple FIA GT1 cars of any make around the ring and that record wouldn’t stand very long. So the question is why don’t they homologate the car for racing in LMS, ALMS, and FIA GT1? Oh yeah; they would get their arses handed to them.