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Mercedes driver will get a new chassis for the next F1 race in Barcelona

Michael Schumacher will race with a new Mercedes chassis at the next Formula One race in Barcelona.

The seven-time Formula One champion has been lacklustre in the first four races of this season and Mercedes motorsport boss Norbert Haug admitted Schumacher is struggling with the handling of his car.

“Don't worry - Michael has not forgotten how to drive,” said Haug. “I think we need to replace his chassis for Barcelona.”

Schumacher finished 10th in the Chinese Grand Prix yesterday and struggled with wet conditions he mastered so often in his days at Ferrari and Benetton.

“As you imagine, there were some good emotions but there were unfortunately too many bad emotions," said Schumacher.

"Actually at the beginning I thought we were quite clever when some others changed for intermediates but it turned out to be the wrong decision [for them].

"But, quite honestly, I think all weekend didn't work out for myself. I think you have to compliment the English team [McLaren] and say congratulations to them - done a great job,” he told the BBC.

Schumacher was more than a minute behind his team mate Nico Rosberg, who finished third.

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TheWizardWeb 20 April 2010

Re: Schu to get new Merc chassis

golfman wrote:
Oh for goodnes sake! It's not the chassis, it's not the lead-lined helmet, it's not his neck, it's not cosmic rays even. It's because he's 41! Will people stop offering up excuses for this once-great F1 driver. He's great no longer. Stick him in the same car as Hamilton, Alonso, Button, Massa, and he would come fifth. A truly great driver doesn't need a car 'built around him' for crying out loud! A great driver should shine out - like he did when reportedly (although I was/am suspicious) he raced around a track with only one gear.

If he was seconds of the pace, then I'd agree with this. The fact he's only been about 7/10ths off Rosberg, would indicate it's the set-up of the car and driver preference, not the driver alone. Although you can argue that if he was a more adaptable driver, the set-up doesn't matter, but as set-up is everything, that's the wrong way to look at it.

If the argument about great drivers not needing a car or team built around them was true, then Senna (aged 34) wouldn't have struggled with the 1994 Williams (whilst Damon was ok), Mansell would have won more championships (than the one he won aged 39) and Alonso would not have needed help from his team mate to win in the Renault. Not to mention Button wouldn't have wallowed for years in various teams. Car and environment are as important as driving talent.

FriendlyFisherman 19 April 2010

Re: Schu to get new Merc chassis

I fail to see how this particular story is news, he might be getting a "new" chassis. But it is not a new chassis design as they all had to be homologated before the start of the season.

-Edit- This is a new chassis design, I have just found out it has a Stannah stair lift attached to help him get in and out.

david RS 19 April 2010

Re: Schu to get new Merc chassis

He could return to fishing.