Currently reading: Jenson: 'Life's so good'
F1 world championship leader revels in his success

Jenson Button says he is enjoying his current success more than winning last year's F1 world championship title.

Button is currently leading the world world championship after winning two out of the four races so far, and says that the closeness of the competition is making racing more enjoyable than ever.

"This year, I've had four races and had two victories. And yes, it's the best time of my life, so far," said Button.

"Last year was an amazing year, and the experience of winning six races at the start of the year, fighting for the championship towards the end, and winning the championship was very special.

"But I also know it's not going to be a walk in the park for the next 15 races. Every race we go to, it's going to be tough. Not like last year when in the first three races we had a better car than everyone."

Jason Wain

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rosstopher 21 April 2010

Re: Jenson: 'Life's so good'

"Lifes so good!"

No sh*t, he's an F1 driver earning millions travelling the world with his supermodel girlfriend.

Not headline making, whatever next.

Bill Gates "I'm so rich"?

MattDB 21 April 2010

Re: Jenson: 'Life's so good'

Jenson has proved everyone wrong so far.