Currently reading: Illegal immigrants on Bernie's bus
UK Border Agency spokesperson confirms all five were arrested

Five illegal immigrants have been caught trying to enter the UK on trucks operated by Bernie Ecclestone's Formula One Management company.

The canvas-sided trucks were returning to Biggin Hill headquarters in Kent from the recent Monaco grand prix carrying F1's broadcasting equipment.

The immigrants are believed to have boarded the canvas-sided truck at Calais and were discovered by the driver once he arrived at Biggin Hill.

A UK Border Agency spokesperson confirmed all five were arrested.

A FOM spokesman said: "This is the first time we have had such a problem."

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Lord Flashheart 29 May 2010

Re: Illegal immigrants on Bernie's bus

Bernie will have charged them for the ride.

fhp11 28 May 2010

Re: Illegal immigrants on Bernie's bus

Buzz Cagney wrote:
You've really got to wonder what the UK has that France doesn't.


The UK is great! We'll give em a house, plently of benefits, bus passes. Most countries dont help immigrants, we welcome them with open arms and give em a great life.

Thats why they wanna come here, not nesacarily because its a nicer place to be otherwise.

Lee23404 28 May 2010

Re: Illegal immigrants on Bernie's bus

lukemedwayuk wrote:

Lee23404 wrote:
Doesn't surpise me. Last time I was at Calais dozens of illegals appeared out of the bushes as traffic slowed for border control. The only thing that did surpise me was that nobody seemed to care.

Yeah that's what is so alarming, what we need is some of our own representitives controlling that side of the border rather than the French who clearly do not give a flying crap.

There are UK border patrols in the port but these guys were jumping out of bushes and in to the back of trucks just outside the port. There wasn't a single French Policeman or any sort of border partol in sight.

Anybody would think the French wanted them to leave.