Currently reading: Hamilton 'won't go to Oz court'
McLaren star likely to get small cash fine for hooning offence

Lewis Hamilton will not have to appear in a Melbourne courtroom just two days before he is due to race in the Belgian Grand Prix.

The McLaren driver faces a charge of 'hooning' while at the wheel of a Mercedes road car, and will be sentenced at Melbourne Magistrates' Court on 24 August.

But a report in the Daily Telegraph says Hamilton will only need to pay "a small fine which can be paid by a local lawyer on his behalf".

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JacobE 1 June 2010

Re: Hamilton 'won't go to Oz court'

blasos1983 wrote:
So, it's okay to do over 100 is it?

Yep, traffic permitting. For some reason, the Germans seem to believe there is no reason a car spontaneously falls to bits at speed and yet there they are, going about with roads as safe as anywhere.

ACCobra427 26 May 2010

Re: Hamilton 'won't go to Oz court'

DWH wrote:
Melbourne has traffic levels on a par with any city in the UK

And that's saying nothing of those pesky trams...major junctions in down town Melbourne in the middle of rush hour, stuck over a tram line in traffic- nightmare! Luckily my tinted glass in the Falcon UTE concealed my humiliation :)

jelly7961 26 May 2010

Re: Hamilton 'won't go to Oz court'

Martin153 wrote:
It seems a very poor way to treat a guest. I am very sorry that this has to happen. I am afraid Australia is declining into barbarism.

That is a very silly thing to say. Try doing what he did in say Singapore for example and you would see what barbarism is. Were you aware that you can be jailed in Singapore for chewing gum in public?