Currently reading: Hakkinen plots F1 return
Former world champion admits he may take on a management role

Mika Hakkinen may return to F1 as a driver manager, he has admitted.

The Finn, who retired from F1 at the end of 2001, has been linked to a role managing Lewis Hamilton, who dropped his father as his manager at the start of the year.

"I miss racing every day. It's very close to my heart," said Hakkinen, who most recently raced in the DTM German touring car series.

I'll be back but I don't know when or where. I just know that I will do it again. Perhaps I will come back to F1 as a manager."

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Peter Cavellini 28 April 2010

Re: Hakkinen plots F1 return

And what's Uncle Mika going to do that's going to turn around the fortunes of little Lewis then?, i thought Lewis was handling the driving side quite well if anything i thought he only needed somebody to handle his day too day media requirements, and if Mclaren are happy for this to happen why aren't they using Mika's vast experience in getting a few of the bugs out of the cars?.

VirginPower 28 April 2010

Re: Hakkinen plots F1 return

All of the comments so far have been typically idiotic (nothing personal), and although I can't remember who said it, someone mentioned that Schumacher stated Hakkinen was the only man he ever feared.

What this simpleton failed to understand was the context: Schumacher, in a rather Alonso-like broadside, was saying, specifically, that Hill, Villeneuve, and any upcoming upstart did not register as worthy adversaries. It was both genuine respect for Hakkinen and a cheeky obituary to Damon's and Jacques' careers.

This story won't come as news to anyone who's followed my BAFTA F1 commentary.

As I've been saying for about seven months now, I believe: Hakkinen's involvement in Lewis's career would, more than anything, be a shrewd political move, since Hakkinen is historically well-loved within the team.

If Hamilton hasn't yet settled, he should do it, but if he now feels his position alongside Button is consolidated, he perhaps could keep the money and forgo the odd clipped pep talk.

Rover P6 3500S 28 April 2010

Re: Hakkinen plots F1 return

Hakkinen is a superb driver, and a lovely guy to boot. I'd much rather he returned to F1 as a driver than Schumacher: and, as "the only man Schumacher ever truly feared", I suspect he'd be rather better than Schumi. Come back, Mika!