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F1 boss attacked in London on Wednesday, but is already said to be back at work

Bernie Ecclestone was attacked by a gang of robbers in London on Wednesday night.

The Formula One boss was leaving his business headquarters in Knightsbridge with his Brazilian girlfriend Fabiana Flosi, when he was set upon by a group of thieves.

Ecclestone was beaten to the ground in the attack and reports claim thieves made off with around £200,000 worth of jewellery. The gang had fled before police arrived at the scene.

Police said the 80-year-old was taken to hospital for treatment to a minor head injury, while Flosi was described as being shaken by the incident.

However, in an act of defiance to the thieves, Ecclestone is said to have returned to work the very next morning.

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Lapps 4 January 2011

Re: Bernie attacked by muggers

Considering it was such a 'High-profile Hit' it is interesting to note that after two months there is still no sign of the Culprits being arrested. Do you suppose that that is because they no longer exist to be found?!

Must confess, if I discovered I'd mugged Bernie I would go and stand under a light outside a Police Station and hope they arrested me before he found me.


thebaldgit 29 November 2010

Re: Bernie attacked by muggers

It is terrible that an eighty year old man can be beaten up by four toerags just for the stuff that he was wearing. If these sort of people can do this to a man of Bernie's age then they really are vermin. Whatever anyone thinks of him I hope he is back on form soon.

Symanski 28 November 2010

Re: Bernie attacked by muggers

Richard H wrote:
However, I do question the sense in wearing jewelrey worth more than a lot of people's homes.....

It doesn't matter if you're rich or poor, black or white, or any colour in between. You and I should be safe to walk the street, every street, without fear of crime, without fear of attack, without fear.