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Horse power on the cheap
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26 January 2004

British buyers will be able to get their hands on the all-new Ford Mustang as early as August, say US car importers. Prospective owners will also be able to take full advantage of the weak dollar.

Although the Mustang will not officially be on sale in the UK, Stephen Ouvaroff, of leading US car importer American Carriage Company, predicts that the new coupé will still hit UK roads in big numbers.

‘We’ll be selling as many as we can get our hands on,’ Ouvaroff said. ‘The phone has not stopped ringing and although we anticipate prices firming up in March, with the strength of the pound, we expect the top-spec V8 to still be around £30,000. ‘Now that the Pontiac Trans Am and Chevy Camaro are gone, the new Mustang has the market all to itself.’

Rival importer Charles Plumley of Newport Imports echoed Ouvaroff’s comments: ‘Demand is so strong, anyone wanting to guarantee a car this year is going to have to get in quick.’

Laurence Millett of Bauer and Millett is equally confident that he can sell around 100 examples to British enthusiasts every year, but he predicts these will be top-line models. ‘The V6 will be a non-starter,’ he says, ‘and why would you want one when you can have a well-specced V8 for around 25 grand?’

Importers will remain the only way to get hold of a Mustang in the UK, however. Ford has no plans to officially import the all-new coupé, which was unveiled this month at the Detroit show.


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