Likely to be called ‘Jota’, 700bhp, aluminium structure
23 October 2008

These are the first spy pictures of Lamborghini’s next-generation supercar, the replacement for the Murcielago, snapped here testing outside Audi’s research centre in Germany.

According to insiders at Lamborghini, it is likely to carry the ‘Jota’ name, and is expected to be lighter, wider and faster than its forebear.

The test mule is based on the current Murcielago, but beneath its skin the next car is thought to have an aluminium chassis rather than a steel tub to reduce weight. The prototype is clearly wider than the Murcielago around the front end.

The engine’s expected to be a 6.0-litre V12 with direct injection, able to deliver around 700bhp to all four wheels.

We know little about what the finished supercar’s will look like but the styling’s expected to be inspired by the €1million Reventon hypercar.

It’s also a fair bet that carbon fibre will be used extensively to help keep weight as low as possible while the rood and doors are likely to be made from aluminium.

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23 October 2008

Awesome, I always get excited by a new Lambo supercar, but I hope "Jota" isn't its main name. Use of that word should be reserved for special versions.

Am I the only one who is a little dismayed that this mule was spotted in Germany and not in the hills around Sant' Agata?

23 October 2008

[quote Autocar]wider [/quote]

How and why?


23 October 2008

I hope they do call it Jota because it'll remind me of when I used to live in Slovenia and I regularly ate a typical Slovenian stew with the same name, made from onion, potato, sauerkraut, beans and sausage.

23 October 2008

[quote Paul J]How and why?[/quote]

fat americans

23 October 2008

What a terrible name, I hope it's some sort of early April Fools joke. As for styling, I hope they make it more LP560-4 than Reventon or Estoque (also a bad name). Actually, I hope they give up with that stupid looking front end all together and go down a different path with the styling, starting again from the LP640 and developing that look.

Also, all that new carbon-fibre use and an aluminium chassis will surely push the price up towards £300,000.

23 October 2008

I wonder if there will be a hybrid/diesel version... lol

Not too keen on the Jota name. I dont know much about Lambo's history but it doesnt sound very 'exotic' to me.

I wonder if Porsche will steal sorry, share the engine.

23 October 2008

"Jota" was the term used for the very specialised, almost racing-spec, Miura and Urraco Lambos that Bob Wallace used to create.

The Diablo Jota was a kit, sometimes factory-fitted and sometimes aftermarket supplied, that SE30 owners could buy. It gave another 70+ bhp and is very special. A Diablo SE30 Jota would be my personal ultimate supercar, with not a German in sight.

I just think it would de-mysitfy the name if used on a "mainstream" model.

Its a bit like BMW using the name Clubman on a Mini estate, they have kind of missed the point.

24 October 2008

Jota was also the name given to the highest performance Laverda motorcycles.

24 October 2008

[quote macaroni]I just think it would de-mysitfy the name if used on a "mainstream" model.[/quote]

Well, bear in mind that they'll want the new car to beat the benchmark that'll be set by the Murcielago SV. That car is expected to have around 700hp and weigh just north of 1500kg. If they pack that kind of power into an all-new, lightweight platform, we could very well see an absolute monster car - the first Lamborghini to compete at the ultra-high-end since the Countach, and the first F40/F50/Enzo competitor we've seen from the company. That would not be a mainstream car, and would not come at a mainstream price. It would make sense, too, because the Gallardo and Murcielago have always been far too close - the flagship needs to be taken waaaay upmarket.

For those who don't know much about Lamborghini history - the Jota name is pretty much the ultimate designation for a Lamborghini, and goes back nearly 40 years as others have explained. The very most valuable Lambos out there bear it - the Miura SVJ, which are factory replicas of Bob Wallace's original Jota (which was a 440hp, 800kg monster that was used as a testbed for improving the Miura platform, spawning the SV the following year). These cars are worth several million pounds.

24 October 2008

Where can I get those wheels?

Can't wait to see this new car for real.


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