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Patent application confirms reports of turbocharged engine plans

Ferrari's patent application for a turbocharged engine has been uncovered by Autocar.

The details of the engine, which Ferrari has been known to be working on for several years, come after patent drawings for a hybrid 4x4 system were also uncovered.

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Ferrari's patent is for a “turbocharged internal combustion engine with V arrangement,” and although it doesn’t specify the number of cylinders, the drawing shows a V8. Ferrari is thought to be looking at turbo V6s as well.

The engine uses two equally-sized turbos and is part of the company’s downsizing strategy that means it will use smaller engines with the same (or more) power as today’s naturally-aspirated units.

Two turbos are better suited to a V engine than a single turbo, because with two you can have shorter pipe runs and therefore better efficiency.

Dan Stevens

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