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We explain how the Skoda Enyaq’s connected tech makes all-electric journeys easy and effortless

Right now, we live in a world of smart tech, always-online connectivity and cloud data sharing between our home laptops, our smartphone and – now – the smart infotainment and navigation systems in our cars. As a result, we can seamlessly share information across all our devices, wherever we go.

While it could be easy to worry about the complexity of juggling all this information with your car, this is where Skoda makes it easy.

By blending innovative always-online Skoda Connect functionality in models like the fully electric Skoda Enyaq with remote access through the MySkoda smartphone app Skoda is actually empowering the ways you can interact with your car, rather than overpowering you.

Equally, the latest breed of forward-thinking Skoda models – like the fully electric Skoda Enyaq – are packed with a wealth of smart driving aids that lend a helping hand and watchful eye, making city driving, motorway journeys and parking easier, less stressful, and (crucially) safer.

All combined, this wealth of advanced tech – much of which comes as standard – is one of the key reasons why the Skoda Enyaq has picked up a five-star What Car? review, as well as receiving the 2022 What Car? Award for Best Value SUV and finishing third in the 2022 What Car? Awards For Safety.

So, to explain how it all works, let’s take a fictional journey, taking in both motorway and urban driving, to see exactly how the Skoda Enyaq’s connected tech helps make every step of the process truly seamless and effortless in the real world.

Take a test drive in the Skoda Enyaq

#1 Before you set off

So, you’re planning your next journey. Maybe a work meeting, a day out with friends or a weekend away with the family. Whether you’re at home or at a hotel, your fully electric Skoda Enyaq is outside and plugged in. Thanks to its always-online Skoda Connect functionality, you can start planning your trip and interacting with the car remotely using the MySkoda app before you even leave the comfort of your sofa.

First, charging and range. Using the MySkoda smartphone app’s Remote Charging tools you can pre-schedule and adjust when you charge – typically before you go to sleep to make the most of the more cost-effective off-peak energy tariffs overnight. You can then monitor the progress of your charge, maybe even timing it to switch off when you’ve got the range you need to avoid overspending unnecessarily. That’s particularly useful if you’re away from home and plugged into a public charger.

You can then use the MySkoda app to fully pre-plan the next day’s journey. If it’s a longer trip, you can pre-plot your route and the most suitable charging points for a top-up – balancing cost, speed and convenience: whether it’s ultra-rapid chargers that can fit coffee and lunch breaks, or fast destination chargers that can give you a top-up while you’re parked for an extended period. 

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You can then sync the route with the smart always-connected satellite-navigation in the Skoda Enyaq, letting you set off smartly while still being able to adapt the route on-the-fly if needed. 

When it’s nearly time to hit the road, you can use the MySkoda app’s remote air conditioning tool to schedule your Skoda Enyaq to be warmed or cooled to your desired temperature at the appropriate time while it’s still plugged in and charging, meaning that you’ll set off in complete comfort without compromising range. 

Once you’re in your Skoda Enyaq, the optional Climate Package Plus lets you take advantage of heated front and rear seats and a heated windscreen: all more battery-efficient ways of warming up and defrosting your car. Equally, the standard dual-zone climate control function – or the enhanced tri-zone version on selected models – means that driver and passenger can pick their preferred temperature.

#2 Stay connected and entertained

When it comes to in-car tech to make every journey as fun and stress-free as possible, the fully electric Skoda Enyaq comes fully loaded. In the cockpit, there’s a 13” touchscreen and Digital Cockpit as standard. The touchscreen has been significantly updated and now features larger, easier-to-use icons and the digital cockpit graphics have also been made easier to navigate and more intuitive.

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The system packs in electric-focused satellite navigation with live traffic updates to help you plan around charging and road delays to reach your destination on time. Meanwhile, Apple CarPlay and Android Auto, Bluetooth connectivity, Wireless Smartlink and Laura voice control mean you can stay connected with the office, friends or family while you’re on the move.

When it comes to keeping everyone entertained, the Skoda Enyaq’s comprehensive infotainment options – which include DAB radio alongside a wealth of infotainment apps – let you enjoy the right mix of radio, music or podcasts. Equally, USB-C sockets in the rear (on selected models) mean that passengers can charge and use their many devices, whether that be smartphones, tablets or gaming tech.

#3 Tech that makes driving feel relaxed

The Skoda Enyaq also boasts a wealth of subtle tech features that help you feel calmer and relaxed, so that you arrive at your destination without feeling like you’ve run a jam-packed marathon. Being fully electric, the Skoda Enyaq delivers a peaceful, quiet cruise – indeed, in its five-star review, What Car? highlighted the car’s pleasing lack of wind noise and tyre rumble, even on motorways. 

LED ambient lighting and soft interior trim tones create a soothing environment, while the height-adjustable driver and front passenger seats with manual lumbar support means that you’ll travel in comfort and arrive feeling fresh. The capacious interior, legroom and headroom also mean that five occupants can travel perfectly comfortably (even the six-footers) whether you have the SUV or swoopy-roofed coupé version.

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What’s more, there’s no need to worry about whether you’re driving efficiently. The Skoda Enyaq comes with a range of different driving modes. Selecting Eco mode lowers the vehicle’s torque, limiting acceleration for a more efficient drive. But, if you want that extra burst of confidence-inspiring oomph, Sport mode opens things up significantly.

#4 Safety first on the road

So, let’s say the journey has now taken you on to the motorway – and we all know motorways can be stressful places. That’s why the Skoda Enyaq comes with plenty of on-board tech that makes the business of driving as easy as possible.

These include automatic emergency braking and lane assist, cruise control, a speed limiter and rain sensors with an auto-dimming rear-view mirror as standard, while even more – such as blind-spot monitoring – can be added through the options list on higher-trim models and the easy-to-choose option packs.

Front side airbags with curtain airbags, driver and front passenger airbags and a raft of ISOFIX child seat preparation come as standard. This is just part of the reason why the Skoda Enyaq earned a five-star rating in Euro NCAP’s safety tests in 2021, with one of the highest occupation protection scores of the year at 94% and a maximum score for child protection. In 2022, What Car? ranked it third in its What Car? Awards For Safety.

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The recently updated Skoda Enyaq also adds innovative new safety systems to the list. First, Emergency Assist monitors the driver’s inputs and – if none are detected – it will ‘nudge’ the driver via an audible signal or a movement in the steering wheel. If the driver remains unresponsive, it will bring the car to a safe halt. Equally, Crew Protect Assist automatically tensions seat belts if it detects a collision is imminent. 

And, if the worst does happen, Skoda Connect’s eCall system automatically alerts the emergency services in the event of an accident. All of which means that driving for work or with the family can be done in comfort, safety and relaxation.

#5 Worry-free range and charging en route

Traditionally, one of the biggest concerns motorists have had about all-electric cars is how far the battery charge will take you and whether top-up charging is a hassle. But the Skoda Enyaq has always offered plenty of range and ultra-rapid charging that keeps you moving – and now offers even more of both.

Thanks to a raft of refinements to the Skoda Enyaq’s advanced electric powertrain, the entry-level Skoda Enyaq 60 SUV now delivers up to 249 miles of range, while the sleek range-topping Skoda Enyaq 85 Coupé boasts up to 353 miles.

While these impressive ranges are plenty for even long journeys, the Skoda Enyaq makes it easy, flexible and quick to top it up. Entry-level Skoda Enyaq 60 models boast up to 120kW charging capability as standard, while the updated-for-2024 Skoda Enyaq 85 Edition models can now charge at 135kW. 

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Pick the Skoda Enyaq 85x Sportline Plus and high-performance Skoda Enyaq vRS, and you get game-changing 175kW charging capability that can boost your battery from 10% to 80% in as little as 28 minutes at a suitably compatible charger in ideal conditions. The perfect amount of time to grab a well-earned coffee or bite to eat to break up your journey.

While you’re away from your car, you can monitor your Skoda Enyaq’s charging status remotely using the MySkoda app so that, when you’re comfortable with the amount of battery charge you have, you can get going again with confidence. What’s more, Skoda’s Powerpass app, card and streamlined membership packages give you seamless hassle-free one-account access to more than 500,000 charging points across Europe from multiple suppliers – including the ultra-rapid IONITY network.

#6 Tackling city roads with confidence

Once you’ve finished the main stretch of your journey, you’ll almost certainly be heading into a small rural town or the big city. Fortunately, the Skoda Enyaq is as comfortable in urban environments as it is on A-roads and motorways.

Although the Skoda Enyaq boasts impressive interior passenger space and room for lots of luggage, it actually feels small and nimble to drive on narrow rural roads and tight city streets. Equally, it lends a helping hand when spotting the wealth of hazards that add extra stress to driving in urban areas. The Skoda Enyaq’s automatic emergency braking (AEB) system received particular praise in the What Car? five-star review – proving particularly proficient at spotting pedestrians and cyclists

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#7 Making parking and charging easy

As you approach your destination, there’s a good chance you’ve already pre-planned the perfect place to park and/or charge using the route planning on the MySkoda smartphone app. But, if your plans do need to change, the Skoda Enyaq’s in-car satellite navigation is equally connected and capable of being up to the task.

When you’ve found the perfect spot, the Skoda Enyaq makes parking even easier. After all, according to Skoda’s own research, 73% of drivers give up trying to park if the space proves difficult, while 23% have suffered a parking prang. The Skoda Enyaq comes with a rear-view camera with front and rear parking sensors as standard, but there’s some even smarter tech to help you avoid prangs. 

The Parking Package Plus adds a 360-degree camera for an even better view of your surroundings, while the Intelligent Parking Assist spots spaces and guides the car in using the steering, while the driver controls the throttle.

And here’s something really clever: Trained Parking goes one step further. By monitoring an existing parking manoeuvre and storing data about the surroundings, it can then repeat that process autonomously with pinpoint accuracy if you return to the same space.

Using Smart Schedule – both in-car and on the MySkoda smartphone app – you can set the times you want your Skoda Enyaq to charge, while also letting you monitor the process remotely so you can find the best balance of public charging spend and range, so you don’t waste time or money. 

Then, if you’ve done the classic ‘walk away and wonder if your car is locked’, the Skoda Enyaq takes the worry away. Selected Skoda Enyaq models feature walk-away locking. Equally, you can use the MySkoda smartphone app to lock your Skoda Enyaq remotely. Equally, we’ve all parked up in an unfamiliar town and forgotten where we’ve parked. The MySkoda app lets you know exactly where your car is, so you don’t waste any time starting your next journey.

So, there we have it. Those are all the ways in which the fully electric Skoda Enyaq’s smart, connected tech makes journeys a breeze. All that remains is to do it all again in reverse when it’s time to go home. So, what are you waiting for?

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