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Avus Performance upgrades Nissan's might sports car

Avus Performance has launched an upgraded version of the Nissan GT-R.

The firm has used the GT-R Black Edition as its base, and has managed to extract 572bhp and 516lb ft of torque from its 3.8-litre V6 engine.

See the high-res Avus Performance Nissan GT-R picture gallery

It has achieved these power upgrades by tweaking the engine’s ECU and fitting a high-performance sports exhaust system.

Avus has added a matte black vinyl exterior, while new coilover suspension springs, 20-inch alloy wheels and outfitted wheel spacers.

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The firm hasn’t released any performance figures, but expect it to be faster from 0-60mph than the standard car’s 3.8secs.

Prices for the upgrades start at 349 euro (£320) for the wheel spacers and 2499 euro (£2300) for the matte black exterior.

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Stephen Guckel 27 September 2009

Re: 572bhp Nissan GT-R launched


Peter Cavellini 27 September 2009

Re: 572bhp Nissan GT-R launched

Well said!,you'd only feel the changes on a track with long straights, around corners there's negliable improvements, as someone else said it gets all its power down no problem, why add more?, it beggars the question, should we all start having licenses saying what we're capable of driving?!

Peter Cavellini 26 September 2009

Re: 572bhp Nissan GT-R launched

Having parked next to one the other day i must say it's a very imposing car, all testosterone and wheel arches, but why, OK the upgrade isn't a stellar price but whose going to notice or know?, and why would you want so much power in an already super quick car?,maybe it's just ego, mines a little bit faster than yours syndrome, who cares?, and anyway its a track car, you shouldn't be driving that fast on public highways, i always thought if you drove a fasdt car it was your responsability to drive correctly so as not to atract the boy racers or indeed the law!