Video: Bentley Continental GTC Speed driven

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Review 20 February 2013

The Bentley Continental GTC Speed is the world's fastest four-seat convertible. Andrew Frankel heads to America for a 1000 mile road trip - from snow capped mountain to Death Valley - to drive it.

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Still Pig Ugly...

1 year 35 weeks ago

and the interior tasteless. The engine is characterless and the entire contrption weighs too much. Combine these with the fact that it is really a jumped up VW/Audi, well, no thanks!

Thanks anyway

1 year 35 weeks ago

Thanks anyway Bentley but I'll take a DB9 Volante for half the price.

Tasteless lorry

1 year 35 weeks ago

the worst thing about the interior is that the discerning footballer and night club owner types who buy this car are allowed to customise it to their own aesthetic values - or, rather, yawning absence thereof.

Next time you have ten minutes to sit down with a browser and, just have a look at some of the joke colour and wood grain combinations that heaps of money and no taste buys you, particularly on Continentals and late model Arnages.

Maybe this one plays for Norwich City? It's very, er, nice.

Really really fast

1 year 35 weeks ago

The fastest car Bentley has ever produced.  And yet, apart from the speeded up bit of the video, it didn't seem to be going any faster than about 55 mph.  So there's a really practical attribute, then...

On the other hand, one of the headlamp bulbs seems to have blown.  I think I'd prefer a reliable car, with a less academic top speed and just maybe a teeny bit more economy in these environmentally conscious days.  Conspicuous consumption is just SO last millenium.  As are tasteless and obese.

So who owns one

1 year 35 weeks ago

So which ne you owns one or have had the good fortune to spec on to your own ' considered' by some to be in bad taste..... I have black GT with magnolia leather and walnut wood .... Effing magnificent 

Don't judge me by my past, I don't live there anymore 

Would love a V8 version of this car.

1 year 35 weeks ago

I've always been a fan of the "English" wood interior in cars and in a subtle colour combination rate the interior and exterior of these Bentley Continental GTC as some of the nicest cars available.

Aston? No, as the Aston tries to look like a sports car but is far too big and heavy to be one.

A V8 GTC, an unlimited budget for petrol, at least 12 months exploring rural America = my dream.


So which ne you owns one

1 year 35 weeks ago

kaman wrote:

So which ne you owns one or have had the good fortune to spec on to your own ' considered' by some to be in bad taste

yes because to pass comment on a particular car you have to own it first.

Give us all a break.


1 year 34 weeks ago

So we're judging the car because of the colours it was specified in? Others colours are available. I agree it's hideous, by the way..

Bentley employees also find some of the more 'individual' colour combinations extremely amusing.

This is really a nice car.

1 year 33 weeks ago

This is really a nice car. I'm goin to buy this one after  I buy active fans or maybe just get more fans on my facebook page.


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