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Review 7 June 2012

The new Audi A3 doesn't look like much of a departure from the old model, but it's one of the most important cars of the year thanks to the wide-reaching significance of its new architecture. So has the A3 moved the game on more than its looks suggest?

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what gorgeous scenery - shame

2 years 24 weeks ago

what gorgeous scenery - shame that dull German bathtub had to keep getting in the way of it.

People have drawn comparisons between Audi and Apple in the past, not least because they both start with the letter 'A' and are the choice of plonkers. No, it's because in the same way that Apple receive standing ovations for adding features that rivals have offered for years, Audi are getting the same levels of priase for having finally sorted their ride, as though this is a major engineering achievement rather than something they should have done in 2002.

This A3 is the automotive equivalent of the iPhone 4S, in that unless you study the specifications it's exactly the bloody same as the outgoing model, and impossible to tell the two generations apart from anything more than ten paces. Next year they'll pump some life into the A3 and perhaps maybe even employ a designer and the magazines will be tripping over their MacBooks to explain how it's a revolution. Sigh.


2 years 24 weeks ago

Good Comparison ThwartedEfforts, though a little harsh on Apple. There are some interesting Apps that make the Apple IPhone quite fun in its segment. I can't see anything about the Audi which is remotely entertaining.


+1 ThwartedEfforts

2 years 24 weeks ago

Taking the Apple comparison further I wonder if Audi will sue other mfers for using daytime running lights that they done so much to popularise. Vorsprung Durch Technik replaced by the Appliance of science. It looks so plain I suppose when you are driving it you cannot see the exterior of your 24k motor.

If it aint broke...

2 years 24 weeks ago

Why fix it? It's a great seller, does what it says on the tin, and if the majority of buyers want conservative looks and a posh badge, who's fault is it if that's the way the car is - the manufacturer or the buyers? As for the LED lights, it does leave those who know the Audi range thinking "so you couldnt afford the S Line version then?" if the Audi going past doesn't have them.

Twarted comparisons

2 years 23 weeks ago

Haha, what an awesome rant to prove how far many people are from discriminating between form and function Smile what is even funnier is that while the whole handset industry is heavily at work to copy the iphone or the computer industry is just getting close to have a clone of macbook air the vocal haters happily rant abour how apple doesn't deserve the success. Zune, anyone?

As for this Audi is really more of the same but improved so what's wrong with that. The world we're living in developped a (monetised) fobia of CO2 and is fighting rampant fuel prices and in the meanwhile is craving comfort and luxury more than ever. This audi is delivering on all fronts. 

And there really is no comparision between how Apple revolutionized 4 industries and the quanitative evolution in audi.


2 years 23 weeks ago

Jer, I think it was Volvo that started daytime running lights, minus the led fancies. Audi simply repackaged and popularized DRL, Just like Apple OS over windows, or the Iphone over touchscreen Nokias. ( can't help it being a mac user..)


2 years 22 weeks ago

Nothing to do with Audi just another EU directive.

"Following a wide public consultation, the Commission decided not to propose DRL on existing vehicles. As for new vehicles, however, Directive 2008/89/EC makes them mandatory (in the form of dedicated lights) as of 7 February 2011 for cars and light vans, as of 7 August 2012 for other vehicles."

As for the LED lights, it

1 year 45 weeks ago

As for the LED lights, it does leave those who know the Audi range thinking "so you couldnt afford the S Line version then?"Sad if the Audi going past doesn't have them.

Haven't got mine yet, but

1 year 43 weeks ago

Haven't got mine yet, but lucking forward to it so might post comment when I do.


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1 year 41 weeks ago

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