The Alfa Romeo 159 Q4 is the top-of-the-line 159, with a new 3.2-litre V6 and four-wheel drive
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    Alfa Romeo 159 2.0 JTDm

    Fleet-friendly Alfa 159 leaves too much to be desired on quality and refinement to rival the best in class
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    Alfa 159 Sportwagon 1750

    If you’re after a slightly left-field choice, it has real appeal

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29 April 2009

Sexy. We should make the most of these kinds of cars coz it wont be long before it's illegal to have anything other than a hairdryer for an engine.

2 May 2009

Does any one know if the GTA will ever see the light of day? I remember seeing a while back in Auto Express a scoop of the GTA testing at the Nurburgring, which apparently was powered by a V8. Is Alfa missing a trick here by not releasing it, or is the project dead as a dodo as a result of global recession? Answers on a postcard please.

3 May 2009

I remember my first (and last) Alfa Romeo, it was a 155 in black. it was typically temperamental some days it wouldnt start then the next it would, the front bumper dropped off over night with no external force. there were so many reasons to hate it but when it worked on the right road it was the best car I've had, it sounded like nothing I'd had or had since. then one morning it wouldn't start and it never started again. now they are more reliable im so tempted to get another one. If a GTA appears I may well get out the cheque book! I'm sure over the next few years anything more powerful than an electric screwdriver will be outlawed! We don't know it yet but the next few years may be our last opportunity to buy a nice gas guzzler!

I see the 2020 lambo gallardo news story...... 'lambo enfuriate european parliament by squeezing a 1.4 in to new gallardo, greenpeace have chained themselves to factory rails!'

Here's to the crazy ones......

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