The 500bhp Volvo S60 Polestar concept could yet see the light of day, according to the boss at Volvo UK

The lunatic 500bhp Volvo S60 Polestar concept could yet find its way into production. Nick Connor, managing director of Volvo UK, said that the company is “in serious discussion with Polestar to try and make the S60 a reality.”

Volvo S60 Polestar numbers would be extremely small, and Connor makes no secret of the fact that the Polestar would be a marketing exercise. If it does go into production, it will cost more than £100k and retain the concept’s supercar-rivalling power figures from the 3.0-litre turbo’d inline six-pot, and four-wheel drive system.

Polestar was originally born out of the team that ran Volvo’s ’90s BTCC efforts, and the manufacturer link remains strong. But Connor states that “motorsport, including touring cars, is not a key area of investment currently. We haven’t ruled it out but there are no immediate plans”. 

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Volvo S60
The Volvo S60 is offered with an impressive new D4 diesel engine

An all-new diesel engine aims to give the S60 saloon class-leading stats

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13 July 2012

What would the great Tom Wilkinshaw say about this......? GO FOR IT!

13 July 2012

Front looks very much like the Hyundai pictured beneath it on today's website home page. An estate version would be great............


Other opinions welcome

13 July 2012

Volvo missed a massive opportunity when they failed to put the C30 Polestar Concept into full production. S60/V60 Polestar would be great! Do it.

13 July 2012

That would make it the fastest trishaw on the market. Sorry, never been fond of Doctor pipe smoking Hurse owning Volvo's. This of course is a bit special - and to spend that kind of money you would have to be a bit daft

what's life without imagination

13 July 2012

At £100k volvo are probably still having to subsidise it, but the price means it will be for serious Volvo fans only, so it's a Juke R style marketing excercise rather than a money making production car to rival the M3.

When Volvo can actually produce a competitive car like this for competitive money and actually make money on it themselves  is when more people will take more notice of the brand.

The last recent high perfomrance Volvos failed pretty spectacularly in the sales charts. 

I'd have thought the money would be better spent on vast amounts of brand lifestyle adverts the likes of which Audi excel at to get the idea of a Volvo back into peoples heads as it's a bit of a forgotten brand with decent products.

15 July 2012

Maybe, but nowhere near six figures,there are two year old Mercs and BMW's out there, no what i mean?

Peter Cavellini.

24 August 2013

i just wish that volvo would try to put the c30 polestar concept into full production again. they missed a really great opportunity when they didn't make it. also, they should improve their sites about volvo repair shop. i just think that the site lacks information about their cars.

27 October 2012

The front looks beautiful and i hope it would have some new safety  systems. This si unfortunate that the market production will be less.

Volvo Repair Santa Monica

17 December 2012

My father would like to buy this  Volvo S60 Polestar. He wanted us to keep safe when we are going to the mall to buy leather outerwear for my younger sister as well as long maxi dress for my birthday present.

21 December 2012

I like the look of the s60 polestar.But the price is jst too high.I own a Mercedes Service in Los Angeles and quite frankly even I cant afford it. Biggrin


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