New five-door Smart will be based on Nissan's new Micra - but it's only going to be for the US

Smart will add this five-door model to its line-up within the next 15 months – but the Forfour replacement will only be available in the US.

Smart has not offered a five-door model since 2007 when the Forfour was discontinued; the new US model is a stop-gap for that market until an all-new Forfour arrives in 2014.

See the official sketches of the new Smart five-door hatchback

The new hatchback – revealed in these two official sketches - is the first major product collaboration to emerge from Smart parent firm Daimler collaboration with Renault-Nissan.

Smart USA has confirmed the five-door supermini will be based on Nissan’s model versatile new V-platform, which also underpins the new Micra and will spawn additional saloon and MPV models.

Smart first launched in the US with its Fortwo in 2008 and, despite promising initial sales, interest in the novel city car has waned. Sales from January to September have fallen 62 per cent on last year’s level to 4779 units.

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Dealers and customers have been pushing “for a larger, but Smart-typical car to be fulfilled very soon” and the Nissan tie-up has opened up the opportunity for a larger Smart to be fast-tracked to market.

The Penske Automotive Group operates Smart USA and its chairman Roger Penske believes the new car “will fit in well with the Smart brand”, despite its Nissan roots.

“We are faced with continuing customer demand for a Smart car with more seating capacity,” he said, without revealing any specific details on the new model. An official statement said more details on the model "will be announced at a later date".

Daimler is currently developing a modular rear-engined, rear-drive platform for the next-generation of Smart cars and it will first spawn a new Fortwo in 2012. Two years later, a lengthened version of that platform will be used to underpin an all-new Forfour, as well as the next Renault Twingo.

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6 October 2010

Dealers and customers have been pushing “for a larger, but Smart-typical car to be fulfilled very soon”

I'd hardly say this fulfilled that criteria , its so obviously nothing like a Smart car.

6 October 2010

I hope to goodness it doesn't end up looking like THAT. The reason why the previous model didn't sell was because it was too obviously a Mitsubishi Colt. This is even more obvious in being a re-skinned Micra! Which is already a bland car in itself! Smart should really be focusing on improving the Fortwo which is still flawed - I can't imagine they're selling as well as they were a few years ago. If the Americans go for this 'new Forfour', then good for them, but I'm really dubious that they will. Smart, get your confidence back and build something wild!!!

"The creative adult is the child who survived."

6 October 2010

The last one was called Forfour because that was exactly how many people bought one.

6 October 2010

Are these seriously official sketches? It's not just based on the Micra platform, it's a badge-engineered Micra with some aftermarket tail lights and slightly different front end? This is a car that has been developed for developing markets, that is pretty widely being panned in Europe as being a step back from the car it replaces - and it's going to the US tarted up as a 'smart' - yeah sounds smart alright - at least the Colt-based original ForFour looked the part. Still though, I guess it's not an Aston IQ?

6 October 2010

More "FourFrog" than "FourFour" not very nice at all even for an initial design sketch look great an a lilly pad though.........

6 October 2010

oh dear. As a smart fan, this is a little disappointing. Who knows though, it may work well for the USA, but it would possibly do worse than the original forfour in Europe i suspect

6 October 2010

Wow. Yet another generic 5 door hatch. Even the colours they use in the drawings for the artists impressions seem to be the same! What a turn-off.

6 October 2010

I liked the original Forfour, it was just that little bit different but there's nothing different or individual about a lightly changed Micra.

6 October 2010

These can't be official scetches, and if they are, they are just that - scetches. They can't be fool enough to make the Forfour II to look like a facelifted Micra. So let's hope that the Forfour to come will look much better than this since the new Micra dissapointed us all.

6 October 2010

Why would they bother doing this for the US ? The brand is almost non-existant in the US. Why anybody there would buy a Fourtwo is beyond me. There may be cities somewhere in the world ( Paris ?) where parking is difficult enough to make the Fourtwo viable , but otherwise it is a waste of time. The only remotely clever Smartcar was the Roadster , and that is dead at present.


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