First picture of Alonso and Massa's new car
28 January 2010

This is the new Ferrari Formula One challenger - the first F1 car of the season to be launched.

Called the Ferrari F10, it will be driven by Fernando Alonso and Felipe Massa.

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Stefano Domenicali., team manager, admitted that expectations were high after a difficult season, during which the team won only one race.

"This championship will be very important for us," said Domenicali. "The last championship, for different reasons, was not very positive, that is why we are dealing with this one looking to be competitive - and this is what Ferrari deserves to have.

"We have two new drivers, why two new drivers? Fernando Alonso, is a twice world champion and we will say after the second one he will have a third one. He already appears among the big champions in F1, it is the right moment for him, for us, he wants to be successful and we want to repeat what the team concept is in our group.

"Felipe, we are talking of a new version of Felipe, but after such a dramatic championship like last year with the accident in Hungary and such a fantastic season, Felipe has all the assets to prove that he is a very successful one, he can prove that he wants to restart his pathway that destiny interrupted it in Hungary. Good luck to both of them."

Massa was scheduled to have a first run in the car this afternoon at the Fiorano circuit, but this has subsequently been cancelled due to ice on the track.

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28 January 2010

Awesome work, Nikola, you've designed a winner. Let's wrap this up by the summer!

28 January 2010

[quote athan]Awesome work, Nikola, you've designed a winner.[/quote]

Having a quick look at it, I think you should be crediting Mr Adrian Newey. Looks quite a lot like a Red Bull RB5...

28 January 2010

Yes I'm an old traditionalist BUT there is less and less red on the red cars every year

28 January 2010

aerodynamic wing mirrors. at last.


28 January 2010

You could just about paint them the same color and they'd all look just about the same basic shape an design,what makes it interesting is when you put a human in charge, then F1 becomes interesting, which beggars the question,why not supply the teams with identical cars right down to the last nut and bolt, oh! i forgot, nobody would make any money because noboy would watch, this year could be a crucial one.

Peter Cavellini.

28 January 2010

The cars are getting sleeker, but I would love to see those turning vanes in front of the pods banned, along with the mirror supports, and all the extra little winglets. They look rubbish and surely just add to cost in terms of aero development.

28 January 2010

"...when you put a human in charge, then F1 becomes interesting." Interesting use of the word 'interesting'. Come to think of it when was the last time a human being was in charge of Formula One?

28 January 2010

Good luck to Filipe this year. some thought his racing days were over after that crash in Hungery.

28 January 2010

[quote Peter Cavellini]... why not supply the teams with identical cars right down to the last nut and bolt[?][/quote]

It's incredible that people with this ignorant concept of Formula One exist, let alone that they actually comment on the sport.

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