Porsche could add an ever hotter Club Sport version to its Cayman range, according to the firm’s boss of mid-engined cars.

Hans-Jurgen Wohler told Autocar that although a Cayman Club Sport was not currently on the cards, “anything is possible” in the future.

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“We now have a new CEO in Matthias Müller and he has some ideas,” said Wohler. “This is the decision of the board: which car line, which direction.

Wohler also explained why the latest Cayman model, revealed at last month’s LA motor show, is an R and not a Club Sport.

“Use the example of the Boxster Spyder,” he said. “It’s very ‘sharp’, and you only reach certain volumes with the positioning of that car. With the Cayman R, the day-to-day usability is really another world compared with the Spyder.

“But a CS version of the Cayman would be like the Spyder in the positioning.”Read the full story on the new Porsche Cayman R

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