McLaren has confirmed that 'two-thirds' of the 375-strong production run of its flagship P1 supercar has been sold.

“We are ahead of our targets and we still have 500 hot sales prospects on our list,” a senior McLaren manager has confided to Autocar.

The bulk of those sales, which add up to around 250 cars, are likely to have been in Europe, the US and Middle East.

The European sales pitch kicked off at the Geneva Show in March, but more recently the P1 sales effort has moved away from McLaren's homeland to the US and Middle East on the first two legs of a global sales drive.

McLaren will hope that the next leg of the sales journey — into Asia— will find buyers for the remaining 100 or so P1 models, each costing £866,000.

The McLaren P1's rivals include LaFerrari and the Porsche 918.

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