Aston Martin has signed an extension on its engine supply agreement with Ford, according to media reports. The deal will reportedly ensure the supply of Cologne-built V8 and V12 engines for another five years.

The move suggests the VH platform, which underpins Aston Martin’s core model line-up of Vantage, DB9 and Vanquish, will be produced for another five years at least.

Aston Martin said that it does not comment on supplier agreements.

Last month, it emerged that Daimler is in discussions with Aston Martin to supply components and offering technical assistance. However, as any deal with Mercedes would take some years to be phased in, the Ford engine supply would clearly be required for some time to come. Retaining the Ford engines means it's also likely that the units will have to be re-worked to meet upcoming EU6 pollution regulations.

Ultimately, any Mercedes deal could extend to platform sharing, possibly including structure underpining the SLS AMG replacement. The new Mercedes, which will be smaller than the current model, will be positioned as a Porsche 911 rival.