Infiniti Q60 interior

Japanese craftsmanship - what are we missing?

Is it time to take note of Japanese interior design? Infiniti certainly thinks so and is doing its best to blow the likes of Audi and BMW out of the water

by Hilton Holloway
20 July 2016
New cars
New McLaren F1

McLaren F1: How can a ‘hyper-GT’ merit an F1 association?

The McLaren F1 made McLaren a household name, and brought it into competition with the most prolific supercars on the planet. Can a 21st Century F1 continue its legacy?

by Jim Holder
20 July 2016
New cars
Infiniti Q45
Infiniti's first car, the Q45

Why Infiniti's new petrol engine could be the breakthrough the company needs

Infiniti has struggled to prove itself as a premium-brand contender, but the arrival of a new petrol engine with V6 power and diesel economy could change that

by Hilton Holloway
18 July 2016
Why owning a left-hand-drive car in the UK isn't such a poor choice

Left-hand-drive supercars - here's why you should consider one

Chevrolet Corvettes, a Maserati Biturbo and Ferrari 360 - those and more can be had for less in left-hook form

by James Ruppert
18 July 2016
Used car buying guides
Land Rover Defender 2016 Ratcliffe

Opinion - Reading between the lines of the Land Rover Defender revival story that won't go away

There are more reports today of the Land Rover Defender rising back to production again. Could it be true?

by Jim Holder
17 July 2016
New cars
Don’t Pokémon and drive

Pokémon and drive? Here's why you shouldn't

Police are issuing warnings not to use the Pokémon Go app while driving. 'Psyduck can wait for later.'

by Jimi Beckwith
15 July 2016
Honda Dominator
Honda Dominator

Why it's okay to buy the Vauxhall Frontera of bikes

The Honda Dominator hasn't received many praises from bike reviewers, but that hasn't stopped our man from wanting one for a trip to Italy

by Matt Prior
15 July 2016
Ecotricity electric car charge website

The day electricity became more expensive than diesel

Ecotricity's decision to charge £6 for a 30-minute charge could make its electricity more expensive than diesel

by Jim Holder
12 July 2016
Anything goes
British Grand Prix safety car start

Whatever happened to F1 drivers racing in the rain?

There was another start under the safety car due to wet conditions at Silverstone. Whatever happened to letting them race?

by Mark Tisshaw
10 July 2016
F1 2016
Formula 1

How does Mercedes-AMG solve a problem like Hamilton vs Rosberg?

It's no secret that tension between F1's top two drivers is growing. Does Mercedes-AMG have a plan to deal with it?

by Simon Strang
8 July 2016


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