You join me pretty much live from the 'Nissan 360', where i'm typing this sitting in the pit lane at the Estoril circuit in Portugal, next to a ticking GT-R that's cooling down after its last stint of abuse. 

So what exactly is this rotationally-monikered event? Pretty much the ultimate toy box, to be honest. Nissan has got together every vehicle it makes, anywhere in the world - from the GTR down to tiny Japan-spec city cars, for journos to have a go in. There's even a Cedric taxi in full-on Tokyo spec, including lace doilies on the rear seat and a set of white gloves to wear while you drive it.

It's all good, clean fun - well, excepting the muddy off-road course where I just did my best to beach a collosal US spec Titanic pick-up. CEO Carlos Ghosn and various other execs are also on hand to drop some broad hints about forthcoming model plans, but at the moment this doesn't feel like work. 

The only question is what to drive next...