There’s a statistic I’ve just discovered about the new McLaren MP4-12C that, if you know your onions or, more to the point, you know your acceleration figures, may well blow your mind. Because it has mine.

The number is 6.1.

Due to the embargo of February 14 that McLaren has placed on details surrounding its new car I’m not actually allowed to say what the number means. But were you to put the letters s, e and c after the number then take a guess as to what the end speed is, you may get more of an idea.

And to give you some extra reference, what I can also tell you is that the McLaren F1’s equivalent time to the same speed was 6.3 when we road tested it in 1994.

Which means the 12C is faster than the F1 to ‘ahem’ miles per hour when, to date, the F1 remains the fastest car we’ve ever recorded to ‘ahem’ miles per hour.

And that, my friends, is quite extraordinary.