After a drive in Renault’s smallest forthcoming EV this week, the 2.3-metre Twizy, I’m convinced it’ll be a success.

You’ll have read Goodwin’s first drive on this interesting two-seater last week. He really liked the Twizy too, and that’s because there’s lots to like.

The version we’ll get is reasonably quick up to urban speeds, it’s well-priced, and you can charge it from a regular mains plug in three hours.

In that respect, it’s the most usable EV of any we’ve seen so far.

Alright, so it’d be a bit blustery to drive even with the doors on and the steering rack could do with being quicker, but you’ll be surprised how safe and practical it is. You really can get two adults on board; Renault has even crash tested it, even though there was no obligation to. The Twizy’s a quadricycle, not a car, remember.

But I think the really popular Twizy will be the one we don’t get. In certain EU markets, Renault will offer a lower-powered version with a 28mph top speed, aimed at city youngsters who don’t have a licence. In Paris, Renault says, fifty per cent of 18- to 25-year-olds fall into that bracket. Which is a pretty big and largely untapped target audience, you have to agree.