I’ve just got back from our first go in the new BMW 7-Series – a technical presentation about all the new tech that’s been crammed into it, and a chance to take it for a spin in the controlled environment of a test track.

750Li_11 And, if early impressions from the Miramas track in France are anything to go by, the new 7 will be more suitable to British roads and driving conditions than any of its predecessors.

The new four-wheel steering system, integrated with the familiar active steering, makes it feel remarkably agile for such a big car. The adjustable damping of the suspension means the car can offer both limo-like refinement (in ‘Comfort’) and genuine athleticism (in ‘Sport’ or ‘Sport Plus’). The latter setting cuts intervention from the car’s built-in stability control to a minimum, but keeps other traction preserving functions.

Granted, our test cars were pamper pre-production models, but in default suspension mode they rode noticeably smoother than the current car – which had been laid on by BMW for comparison purposes.