We’ve got a V8 diesel-engined Autobiography edition on loan from Land Rover at the moment; I took it home last night. And to say that it’s a special car is something of an understatement.

Range Because this could be the special car. Autobiography Rangeys used to be built bespoke to order, for its richest clientele. This year, however, Solihull decided to fix the badge to its most luxurious series production model ever.

This car has enough of the softest leather to occupy the minds of a whole pasture of bovine worriers; even the floormats are edged with the stuff. It’s got 20in diamond-turned alloys too, and an in-car TV, as well as all the usual Range Rover refinements. And it’s got a price tag of £72,995.

I reckon it’s worth every penny. Consider that a car not quite as well fitted out as this one quite recently beat a Rolls-Royce Phantom and a Bentley Flying Spur to Autocar’s title of ‘Best car in the world’, and you’ll begin to understand how great you feel from the driving seat.

If we’ve got one man to thank for that, it’s the man who encouraged BMW to invest in a new Range Rover back when the German company still owned LR, in the late 1990s: Wolfgang Reitzle. He subsequently became boss of Ford’s Premier Automotive Group after it had bought LR, clearly feeling that the new Rangie was worth sticking with more than BMW was.